Harvest time. When is it actually ready

So im on my 3rd grow ( roughly 28 plants in total not all successful lol) . Ive done tons of reading and im cant find a definitive answer to when flower is actually ready. Ive heard everything from trichrome color to pestil color ratio. I ve tried both and each time its like im alway off. Smell is there flavor is hit or miss and the high weather mind or body is on the weaker side. Iv never actually waited long enough to get like 25 percent amber trichromes, because ive read that when they turn amber they are actually degrading. The pestil theory in my opinion was just horrible. I found out rather quickly that, that wasnt the way to go. So my last time i waited till all pestils curled in about 90 percent of them any way, and roughly 15 percent amber trichromes. Any thoughts. Im also on my current run gonna not do a flush on some of them. Curious to see if flushing is actually doing more bad then good in the last few weeks of life. Any thoughts on this as well.?

Correct. As trichomes mature and darken, THC is converted to a cannabinoid called CBN, which is the “sleepy” cannabinoid.

Pistils aren’t a very good indicator. I like a bit of amber and have found that it takes a few weeks beyond when the pistils have all turned.

Flushing is controversial, but many experienced growers do it. I don’t flush and instead stop feeding the plant for the last couple of weeks.

You might find this helpful:


Even harvested early cannabis would have a significant effect on the user. The only point at which I would say it would be “Weaker” is if it was chopped way before maturity. Maybe at the point when all the pistils are still white. I have harvested parts where the trichs are 50/50 cloudy and clear and still get a good buzz. But I am susceptible to THC and don’t need much. If you have grown 28 different plants and its always weak for you here are some things to consider. These are just possibilities to think about.
1- Perhaps you have a high tolerance to THC. My wife is immune to it and she gets almost zero results from eating or smoking it. So does other weed from different sources effect you more like you want? If so then rule out Tolerance.
2- You have been growing plants with genetically low THC. CBD or Hemp strains have little THC. Do you know the source of the seeds (or clones)? Some strains like Harlequin have THC but at very low levels. Have you grown multiple varieties from reputable sources?
3- Your environment during flowering or curing is killing THC. People sometimes use an Ozone generator to keep down smell. That will kill the THC and Terpenes and ruin your buds. Curing in open sunlight, or too dry conditions will degrade the product as well.

Just a few things I have seen that might cause what you describe. Others might have encountered things I have not thought of, but there is an answer to this. Let us know what you think.


I looked at your topics created. I didn’t see any pictures of the plants and flowers when harvested.

I let the pistils tell me when it is close. I look to see they have changed color and have receded. I also consider the overall condition of the plant. If it looks spent I cut. Mostly rely on trichomes.

Trichomes on cut day

a different plant

Trichomes 2 days before cutting

I just like this picture


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