Harvest Time... show me your buds!

Lets see some harvesting! Show off and be proud of yourself! Lets congradulate each other on our time and effort!

Cannaloupe Kush
My first of 4 plants but the only indoor plant.


You show me yours I’ll show you mine!! Lol I know you said harvest but mine aren’t ready yet they’re only 4 weeks into flower but I’m not shy…


Wouldn’t let me change my pics these are the same plants but I like the pics better


Looking great! Those buds with end up fat by the looks of it. Grow looks clean bro!

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Btw i see your from Nm, im from Carlsbad Nm, i miss the desert.

Hopefully they’ll get as fat as yours :yum:

Probably the fattest and dense cola ive grown. Shit is DENSE. Ive grown bigger but not as dense

Love Cruces, not a fan of El Paso.

Great bag weed in Nm back in 90’s

I just started growing inside like two years ago I had some health problems about 5 years ago that has grounded me. Before that I would grow up around cloudcroft in what I call the great outdoors (not on my land) I would hike up there way off the beaten path put out 10-15 plants. I miss that shit. I can’t grow outside where I’m at

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Talk about dense lol that damn brick weed that comes out of Mexico have to cut it with my portaband

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will havest in less than 2 weeks White Widow fem photo