Harvest time questions

Hi guys

Just trying to figure out when to harvest. I got a 60x and 90x loupe but I’m struggling to tell if they are close to ready or not (started flushing as the trichomes looked like they were going milky)

I’m 1 week into flushing but want to know if is there any other way to tell when to harvest. I read about looking at the brown pistils and when they start curling back in they are ready.

What do you guys reckon by looking at the photos?

Ps: I wish you could smell this plant it’s just amazing.

My grow details:

Growing wicked monkey Auto flower
Coco coir with 30% perlite
50-60% RH
1000w viraspectra LED
5.8 PH
Green planet 3 part feed + vitathrive + calmag
1.2x1.2x2 grow tent
6” exhaust fan (off most days)
1 little fan

IMO the most reliable method of determining harvest time is trichome appearance. Milky for “Active” buzz, Amber for “Sleepy” buzz…I shoot for 80 - 90 % milky with the remainder amber. What I call a “Sleepy” buzz is more often called couch lock.


I had a feeling that would be the answer haha

I’ll keep trying with the loupe then. The glass is bloody tiny and I can’t really see :joy:

I think in the next week or so I might be able to harvest.

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I’ve seen a guy use a loup with his phone and take a pic then you can blow it up more and kinda like a microscope

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@Growinggreg thanks for the tip.

It worked really well!

I learn that on this site so is that a good education