Harvest time or wait a little?

Hello pros! This is my third grow ever which I did outdoors On the deck in fabric pots using Fox Farm Happy Frog and Ocean Forest soil. I’ve noticed that the buds mature at different rates. As I look at buds from top to bottom I see amber, cloudy and clear trich’s. The bottom buds tend to have some clears, and clouds. Is it ever wise harvest half of a plant and then 2 weeks later the other half, or should one just punt and go for it. The Pic has from left to right White Widow, Blueberry 1, Blueberry 2, and my first ever Amnesia Haze.

White Widow pic 1

White Widow high bud:

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White Widow low bud:

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BlueBerry 1 high bud:

BlueBerry1 low bud:

BlueBerry 1:

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BlueBerry 2:

BlueBerry 2 high bud:

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BlueBerry 2 low bud:

Amnesia Haze:

Amnesia Haze high bud:

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Amnesia Haze low bud:

FYI…all pics taken with iPhone 11Pro Max. I love the camera.

Looks to me that the amnesia haze has a few days days left and the blue berries have 2-3 weeks and the white widow had 7-10 days.

Let’s see what other think.

I know they’re going to ask for trichome pictures

I take back my assessment of the AH, put her in darkness now and harvest

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You can cut them them at different stages of harvest time. Nice work!

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Just to confirm the harvest process you are referring to; put the plant in the dry dark for 24 hours then cut it at stalk base, hang upside down in the dry dark for 5-7 days until dry and then clip apart.

I’m by no means an expert.

This is what I’m going to do, put a pile of ice on the soil (some day this makes that plant think it’s winter) and put it in a dark, cool closet for 36-48hrs. Cut branches off and hang in a dark closet to dry. Then start the curing process

I’m going to “wet trim”

So I have a lot of weed to process and I was thinking of hanging it to dry in my garage attic. However, it does get hot up there in these summer months. Do any of you pros think that would be a problem?