Harvest time or not

Can the harvest be at brown pistols or do the tricomes have to turn amber?


you want at least 50% amber tricomes


You can harvest anytime after the tricombes are all cloudy Or milky looking thc will be at its peak at this time and youll have more of a head high
If your looking for more couch lock type high youll want more amber at @Sasquatch mentioned amber means thc is degrading and coverting to cdb
I would start with 10-% - 20% amber if your not sure off effect your actually looking for


If you don’t have access to a jewelry loupe, I think rule of thumb is you want 90% of the hairs brown and curled in

There’s a lot of body here to get high @Countryboyjvd1971 LOL

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Cbd blueberry

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What about pulling large leaves off

Just A Thought: Pulling or cutting the large sugar leaves might help a little but it depends on how long you have left. Taking out those big leaves will allow more light to the lower buds and develop them a little and get more bang for your buck ! It might also leave more nutes for the buds to suck up. If you have two weeks left, you might be able to boost your yield.

Happy finishing stretch.
Jerry :us: :man_farmer:


Pistols are some red some still white at the bottom. Hard to figure right time. Tricomes are still white or clear and haven’t seen any evidence of amber.

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You’re not ready yet, wait for the trichomes to turn some amber. Looking beautiful.


Was thinking it was ready a week ago

it’s a better picture by herself.

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Looking kinda scrawny

Like a plucked chicken

top kola is looking good.

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Looks great watch it daily Because it can go from clear to cloudy overnight the same with going Amber we can all happen within 3-4 days I think it looks great good job Just watch it day by day I’d say within the next seven days she should be done

I’m confused. At least 90% pistils are amber and starting to wither. The trichomes on the leaves are clear to opaque. When people talk about trichomes turning color, do they mean trichomes on the pistils, or both leaf and pistil? The strain I’m talking about is Train Wreck.

@harsu Pistils are the white hairs turning red trycombs are the Crystal you see but you need a 60 times zoom to see them changing or at least I need to 60 times in

Here’s some tricombs under the scope

So they actually do turn amber not just a off white.

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Is that ready to harvest or wait for a couple of days