Harvest time on auto blueberry

As to the euphoria, I can’t really say. I smoke then sleep. Does my head feel buzzed and light, oh yeah! Does my body feel super heavy, oh yeah! Do I slay some munchies, oh yeah! Though I’m not giggling or giddy, I do get talkative though with a touch being analytical. Euphoria… not so much. Different strains do different things to different people. Though I am ocd and if I don’t like an onset feeling, I typically “power through it” and don’t allow it to manifest fully. Example, I have never been paranoid from any strain. Hopefully that’s a good answer.


Me either man. And I have certainly been in situations where if I was going to be paranoid it would have been then. Like going to court high to argue a wreckless driving charge. Yes, I was found NOT guilty. That was one of those situations that nobody went to jail and it was a miracle.

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Wow! More intestinal fortitude than me! I was browsing the auto seeds yesterday trying to figure out which way to go with my garden. Some autos match my photos so I can get either. I have a very small house and typically grow outside, however, outside is limited due to living in Alaska with -40° winters. I want to keep growing but that means keeping clones of my photos throughout the winter in a near dormant state (not my strongest point). Seeds store easier. Though I have 4 photo strains I don’t want to lose. One is white widow, I can get that in auto seed. The others I can’t… delima. All that to ask, what autos compare to blueberry and white widow? My photos are the original Matanuska Thunder F, Holy grail, and Dark matter. All hit like BB. Suggestions?

Have you looked on the leafly website? They have info on a lot of strains. As far as autos similar to blueberry- purple urkle is one of blueberry’s parents. Grape Ape is similar. You can look on their website, if you pull up blueberry and go through all the info on it, they will have a few strains listed that are similar to it. I will have to look up strains similar to white widow, or you can. Either way, let me know man


For those interested, strains similar to white widow include super silver haze, amnesia haze, AK 47, silver haze, green crack, and strawberry cough. (courtesy of leafly)