Harvest time? noob help please

Hi, first grow with ILGM purple haze and blue haze.
Trichs seem to be mostly cloudy with a lot of transparent ones still… No amber - well maybe, but can’t tell if its amber, or clear and refracting orange light of old pistils…

I’ve read that the 10 week flowering period is only a guide, but that it also only kicks in when buds appear, not when you flip the lights 12/12.

These pics are 10 weeks from flipping.

Obviously you’d probably want to see close up of trichs but not possible. Also i’m running lights at night, so no daylight image available.

How do they look? I’m thinking I’ll just chop them progressively over the next few weeks? One cola every couple of days and then label?
I’m looking for creative, heady high.
Thanks for reading

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Gotta get a look at the trichomes. Looks pretty close, but zoom in on the buds in some regular lighting. Look freaking great tho!!!

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Take photo’s under natural light not under grow light to get some better ideas @bakkerberg

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Thanks for quick reply!
ok will break the ‘darkness’ tomorrow and get a daylight pic.

Any comment on the 10 week thing? 10 wk from flipping or from first sign of bud?

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They are probably done. You have about a 4 week period where your potency is 92-100%. If you’re in the 10th week, that means you are @ about 100%. It will degrade about 3% a week for the next few weeks, while your plant continues to grow.

Next week or so.

Just my two cents.

Hi all,
Here’s some daytime pics, not much better for viewing trichs though sorry…

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Beautiful. Enjoy the smoke