Harvest time left?

I don’t how many times the buds swell?
But I believe they have fattened twice.
Plus grew up into each other.
Leaves are still green.
There are still white pistils
Start of fox tailing I don’t know?
Consumed a lot of upper sugar leaves on colas.
Here are my best inner bud trichome pics.
I kinda want a mix between milky racy and couch lock if not harvest start 2 week flush?
I grew with nutes ff3…grown since sept.17th
In ff ocean forest under vipraspectra p2500

Should I start a 2 week flush or will that take away from remaining bud swell

#1 don’t flush, it’s a wast and does no good Infact it omly hurts. There are studies you cna search here or google.

#2 doesn’t look like fox tails yet, ensure your DLI is 40-45 and not higher you won’t get fox tails or Bert rare if you do.

#3 wait till the brown mature. Pistils recend, they will Curl unit the bud more.
To many white fresh pistils currently to be ready.

Ok whats the time frame you think?
And I know your talking daily light intervals right?
How can I gage and chart that?

40 to 45 dli i got a lux app so how do I measure for that in lux

Get the Photone app. It has ppfd/dli meters and you can switch between light cycles to see where your dli is at.

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I was late on my harvest window?
Heck I haven’t techniqued a window yet.
So my first harvest of my first plant about 2 oz. Lil ginger I called her I flushed.
Then gave 1 light cycle.
2 dark cycle then harvested.
Just curious to the overall general view point of others who are cultivators.

I don’t flush or do light deprivation at harvest. I grow organic and don’t see the need…


Real organic don’t require a flush. I still do for 7+ days. Saves me alittle cash. :wink:
Happy growing…


I have given up the flush and darkness before chop.


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While not flushing is ideal, even more so in soil, darkness makes a difference and science has shown here I have explained it from a couple different angles.

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I’d be interested in reading any of these studies.

I don’t tell people they are wasting their time. I tell people what I do (or in this case, what I don’t do).

When I first heard about the dark period (1997), it was “harvest before sunrise so the “impurities” are still in the roots”. No one I knew grew indoors. Later (when indoor growing started taking off) it became 24 hrs. Then 48. The other day I was talking with someone who is going the whole nine yards with 96 hrs.

Generally, people do what they think makes sense. Sometimes we can just suspend disbelief long enough to learn new ways of doing things and the real reasons something works or doesn’t work.

The video you included in one of your post was very interesting. However, it doesn’t really prove anything (as he stated). I believe that had he just harvested in stages, he would have seen similar results.

Do a web search on increasing potency or yield in hemp. The main contributors for potency are:


The main contributors for yield are:


“Some growers have a technique for keeping a growing plant in its vegetative stage for 8 weeks at least. This means that the cannabis plant is induced into growing more vegetative parts before it is switched to the flowering stage. The increased length in the vegetative stage means a larger yield and can lead to very potent buds when combined with powerful grow lights.”

How to Increase THC Potency of Cannabis When Growing at Home – Grobo

“Manipulating your plants is a basically free way to increase your yields, without needing to change anything else about your setup. You don’t need to buy expensive nutrients or get a new grow light for this to work for you.”

5 Ways to Increase Yields (with any strain) | Grow Weed Easy

"The closer you can get to mimicking the sun, the better your harvest will be, both in terms of quantity and quality. "

How to Increase the Yield of Indoor Grows | California Lightworks

I just can’t believe that you can do anything in the last few hours of the grow that will significantly alter the potency. I rely on methods throughout the grow.


This is where I respectfully disagree.

We know that cureing is important
And we know light degrades thc.

Now until someone goes out there and studies it in a lab controlled environment we won’t be able to prove it but the theory is there from other proven facts.