Harvest time I’m so excited

Harvest time first grow in so excited like a kid on Christmas morning. I chopped one of the 12 colas on my gorilla glue auto to run a small test and looking beautiful bout 16 grams wet still 11 more to go and that was a smaller cola too. Trichs are bout 5 percent amber and cloudy it’s sure stick too. Just wondering how important is it for 24 hrs of darkness

You will lose about 75 to 80% total weight as it dries.

I was wondering how much it would dry out now I can sort of figure and end weight off if that thanks.

I think you meant to give 48 hours of darkness before harvesting I think it’s something to do with the clorophyl

What strain bro?

It’s a gorilla glue auto and I have a white widow auto the white widow the buds are so purple and fruity smelling I can’t wait yeah I’m gonna let the pots dry out then put them in the darkness before I chop the whole plant been reading a lot on harvesting. The past day or so.



They are beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Many people believe that harvesting at the end of a light deprivation preserves terpenes that would volatize at lights-on temperature; There’s some talk about preserving THC as well. There’s even speculation that the deprivation shocks the plant, eliciting an increase in [insert desirable cannabinoid].

If the large-scale cultivators have data on this, they’re keeping it mum. 12-72hours or dark doesn’t seem to hurt the plants in any way though. Personally, I’m supportive of 12-72 hours, but it isn’t always practical. I think the drying environment is more critical than light deprivation.


I’m definitely gonna give em at least 24 this time around night do a 48 on my purple punch I have vegging just getting impatient on this first harvest

So excited first harvest is in the bag 390 grams wet so we’ll see the final number after it drys but beautiful mugs especially in the white widow the colors are amazing purpled and pinks I’ll post pics of them after


I get ya thanks buddy!

Looking good bro! Hope you enjoy! Can’t wait for mine to be ready :laughing:

Making some savory butter too from the trimmins no waste ya know I can’t wait til it’s ready to roll and smoke though just feels good something that came from your own two hands and a beautiful plant. Neigh the most beautiful plant on Mother Earth that we were blessed with ya know. Thanks they are kooking and smelling sweet I’m happy with my first grow.


A chunk of the white widow


So final dry numbers is 54 grams dry little under two zips not bad for first time my baby in the tent now is growing beautifuly though no nute burn this time


Looking good buddy!

Everything in the curing jars now bout four days and ripening up nicely

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Tried any yet?