Harvest Time From Icey to Amber Trichomes. Skipped cloudy

Ok im growing gorilla glue and zittles autoflower. I’m in harvest range. All the pros say to harvest when the trichomes are around 70-80% cloudy and 10-20 % amber. Im mentioning this now because this has happened before. Dont know if it’s because they’re autos or what but my plants seem to skip over the cloudy stage. I use a jewelers loupe and constantly monitoring and most go straight from ice looking to amber. Is this normal or is something wrong with my plant. All the pistils are curling in and orange. I pulled some of the top buds last week( partail harvest)and put in a dryer for a few days. Good results. High starts out kinda speedy but mellows out and last.

You’re not looking with the grow light on. Right that would be a distorted view

No i take the plants out the tent and examine them

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