Harvest time for White Widows

Question from a fellow grower:

The seeds are taking 6-7 days to germinate, but I do have one that is in soil and growing! The other 2 are moving along as the first so hopefully success there as well.

However, I am confused on something and figure you can help me:

What is the expected HARVEST time for the White Widow Autoflowers? I am not sure on the terminology. Is it ready to harvest after 8 weeks or does it only start flowering after 8 weeks and then there’s another amount of time until harvest? I live in a desert climate and am trying to get a schedule down where I can get them outdoors later to optimize the sun, provided it’s not still to hot. But I don’t know what to expect as far as the timing of the autoflowers. The photoperiod I understand I can control when they start to flower but with the autoflowers, they do it on their own.

Thank you!



Autoflowers initiate flowering at differing times; however, the cycle to harvest from the start of flowering remains relatively the same (~8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering.)

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