HARVEST TIME!...for this one at least...:>)

I discovered some rot on her so I harvested this morning.Was gonna wait a few more days but WTF!! Also washed in soda and peroxide solution…:>)


Great work! ( /^ω^)/♪♪

As @Arrow says in his wash instructions. Mold is omnipresent.


…as is/are bugs/bug eggs/bug shit…dust…bird-crap occasionally…however,if you have smoked ‘street weed’,chances are you have smoked far worse!.. :wink:


For the 1st time in my 22 years of smoking, weed makes me cough, only when my hit is super big. While I do attribute most of that to the final flush, and proper dry/cure. I also recognize that it’s also the first time I’ve ever smoked cleaned weed. Bud Washing FTW!

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Even the BEST TASTING weed tastes like crap when smoked,IMPO. I eat way more than I smoke and I grow EVERYTHING I consume,so if its crap,its all my fault… :laughing:


I will say that Chocolate tastes much better with weed in it.