Harvest time close ? Need advice

Hey fellow growers these are my first time growing these little white widow autos in simple old closet grow

Was hoping for any advice if you think there ready for flush / harvest or getting close ? There 60 days today from sprout still on Nutes and 18/6

Most tricomes are milky bout 80% milky 10% clear 10% amber

Only 4x Fluros 2 warm white 2 cool
And 4 warm white CFLS

Up to 2ml of each A&B Nutes still and 1.25ml go roots each litre

Have had and still do have trouble with leaf miners

Currently drinking 1 litre every 2 days eachimageimageimageimage


Can you put up a single close up in natural light? Don’t forget to tag people or they won’t see it.

You still have white pistils.


^^^^ plant 1


^^^^^ plant 2

I think plant 2 is a bit behind even tho they sprouted the same time and also because of the shit lighting the bottom of the plants are not matureing as fast and they got stunted cause I transplanted from solo cups :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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What u think buddy ?

If you are looking at pistils then this will help 4751f2f0b7e65694473efb47615b29bb738ead89when-to-harvest[1]

If you have a magnifier (at least 30x) look at the trichomes and this is chart TrikeChart


@M4ur thanks mate

I think plant 1 is ready for a week flush then harvest
But plant 2 is behind a week or so if I was to flush now and just plain water for a week will the buds still grow or just stop and leaves die ?

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Also the leaf miners are going crazy
There stoned and I’m not :rage:

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Also do the trichomes hafe to be like milky / amber at every spot of the plant u look at or just the cola ect

Hi ya @Chriso Welcome to the ILGM Forums!

What date did they start flowering? Autos generally take about 90 days. 30 Days of Veg and 60 days of Flowering (4 weeks/ 8 weeks)

They are great looking plants, but about a month to go more or less! WWA is a great choice for growing!

The mix of milky/ amber trichomes is personal preference. The middle would be max cloudy trichomes. Do you have a Loupe or magnifier to see them?

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They do not have to be, but the lower bud sights that may not be as milky/amber will not be as potent. I have seen people harvest just a cola, and leave the lower bud sights to mature longer. But I am far from an expert, I just like to post now and then…

I have grown 8 WW autos from ILGM, and they took between 80 and 95 days to finish, most of them around day 86-88. I see a lot of white pistils, with out seeing the trichomes, I would say another 20 days minimum.

@Ron330 @bob31 @M4ur @Myfriendis410

Yes I have a jewlers scope and on both plants the tricomes are 80% milky and some clear / amber

Like I mentioned before the colas looks riped but the lower half is still throwing white pistils and I think this is down to shitty fluros and CFLS I’ve tucked the fan leaves but it’s a bit bushy down the bottom half as a auto I have read that trimming non dead leaves are a no no

So thank god I got some advice cause I was gunna flush tomorrow guess il keep the Nutes up and let em go a couple more weeks atleast and see how they go just hope I don’t over cook the bun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could do a partial harvest of what is ready? People do it all the time. It’s what I would recommend. If you let those top ones go to much more they are gonna be way past. @Chriso

PS all that stem splitting and all that is all good when your grow cooperates!

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Same situation here whit new white pistils and I already split the stem 6days ago…
Like @bob31 said, you can harvest just the top part…

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From what I see, I agree with those saying to leave it go. Even the main cola on plant one looks to be still fattening up.

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@dbrn32 @bob31 @M4ur @Ron330 @Myfriendis410

Now I’m confused :upside_down_face:

To let go or not to haha

I think il keep em baking for another week and then see and go from week to week at this point il keep this post updated

Also when a seed bank says flowertime 58 days that’s from when the plant starts flowering yea not 58 days from seed or sprout to harvest correct ?

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First pistils then 58 days or more. Those are only estimates and my personal experience is that they usually go longer! @Chriso


This was taken 7days ago (my plant have spots where trichomes are in amber 40% but also have areas where are clear and a lot of milky)
So it’s up to you when to harvest… Good luck! :wink:
Tue Nov 28 20-38-25


Yep, sorry about the confusion. @M4ur is correct, you could harvest them now and probably have good smoke.

I believe @bob31 @Myfriendis410 @Ron330 and myself are all on the same page, with trying to get you the best yield and smoke potential. But you can let them comment for themselves.

Your plant will essentially produce pistils and trichs until it’s dying. Fresh trichs are clear and pistols white. The earliest of both will start to change first, and then so on. So even when the earliest of both start to change color, your plant is still producing new of both. The plant will sense the end of its life cycle and make a pretty big push to fatten those buds up and load up in trichs usually between 10 and 20 days before most of us would harvest. It’s the plant hitting fight or flight mode and trying to catch pollen before it dies. You want to let them do that before you hack and hang. From reading the comments, it looks like most of us feel you’re just getting into this stage.

Personally, I don’t even start looking at the trichs until I start to see pistil production start to slow. I usually harvest about 20% amber because I’m satisfied that bud swell period is over. There’s always exceptions, some I’ll miss and have more amber than desired. I’ve had a sativa I chopped at 13 weeks from flip with about 20% clear and 80% milky. Simply because I was tired of looking at it. Bob31 likes to say there are multiple ways, and this is no exception. In my opinion, you’ll be happier if you let it go a bit longer.


@dbrn32 @bob31 @M4ur @Ron330 @Myfriendis410image

Oh look I found a picture with first pistils and this was on the 4th of November so 4 weeks ago :+1:

And thanks for the advice fellas appreciate it :seedling:


I like our members to make informed decisions even if what we prefer differs at least we should understand what those differences mean! Well said @dbrn32