Harvest time? - Bergman Girl Scout Cookie autos

Hi Folks. Here’s some pics of this, my first hydroponic grow of Girl Scout Cookies autoflowers. Now at 10 weeks and 2 days. I’m thinking harvest in a week. Agree?

I find what appear three phases of maturity and would like to cut all at the same time so I can use the grow tent for drying. Pic names indicate those phases.



You’ve got some time left…

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Thanks. I’m thinking one more week but do you think two…or more?

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Probably closer to 2 weeks left I see a lot of clear still check every other day

Thanks! Another two weeks it was. Even my least mature buds at the lower edge of the left side of the canopy are showing mostly milky trichromes though still a number of clear ones. I think we’re ready now for two days dark and then all cut and dried.