Harvest Time - Are we there yet?

This is my first grow completely in DWC and it’s now going into the 10th week of flowering for most of the plants. I definitely need a little more definition on just when and how to flush and and then harvest. It’s probably personal opinion but this crop of 4 plants seem excellent. They completely fill my 3 ft square tent and hang out of the flap a good 6 inches when unzipped.

The plants have dropped a goodly number of dead/dying lower and inner fan leaves throughout the grow; had yellowing spots and leaf tips all along; and, all manner of other things. But they are still extremely green and vibrant still. I really want to try and get a better handle on the trichome thing before they mature any more.

My last grow (which turned out to be in soil) could have been a lot better. I waited and waited (AND WAITED) for trichomes to turn amber. What I wound up with instead was the plants self-fertilizing and a good supply of fem seeds. Don’t get me wrong, there was a good bit of very decent smoke as well but things could have been better.

Of 4 plants in this grow I have 3 that to me are extremely beautiful girls. The 4th is an extremely runty Gold Leaf that despite being about 10 - 11 inches tall is loaded with buds.

I haven’t been able to get the best pics but here’s a few that may give an idea of what the plants look like.

As of today virtually all the trichomes have gone cloudy. (But as I said earlier, ZERO amber.) Lacking better guidance or color change I plan on flushing starting in 7 days before harvesting. So I welcome all the input I can get to allow for the best production these plants have in them.

Happy Easter and great growing and toking one and all.

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Cloudy means youll get an energetic high you can harvest at this point if that’s the buzz you want, otherwise if you want couch lock give them another 2 weeks your almost there

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Put them on 10/14 light schedule for at least another two weeks and if you can lower your lights any more closer , that will help penetrate the canopy , but a longer dark period will cause them to double in resin and help them ripen faster , but when I first started running the 10/14 my plant went from cloudy to Amber in about 4 days .

Hi Majiktoker,

Many thanks for the response.

As I mostly smoke for pain control a little longer will be better. So I think I’ll stick with my game plan and flush in another week.

Happy toking!


Hey buddy how’s it going no problem, best of luck I think wait a bcc pulls weeks and start flushing in about 4 days

Hi, Majiktoker.

I decided to give the process yoshi outlined a try. I’ve got some extremely nice plants going and really want to get the most out of them.

It looks like you’re talking about flushing for more than a week. Is that right? I’ve never flushed out of DWC and had planned on 4 days but want to give it plenty of time.

Happy toking and growing,

I was saying flush in 4 days, what ever works for you and about the week part they would probably be Amber