Harvest time and ripe fruit

When it says seed to harvest and gives days like 55 to 60 are they counting true leaf time on top of the rest of the ladies life (don’t want to miss it’s prime time to harvest )

@Antgut are you growing an auto plant?

I have seen it both ways at different banks. ILGM lists average flowering times, not life of the plants.

And those times are not set in stone, they are averages. I have had a couple that went 2 weeks past what they posted, mother nature is not exact and doesn’t care about my schedule, lol. Trichomes is your true teller of when it is done…

How about a pic, we all love pictures :v:


Yes my ladies are auto flower

Yes both are auto

Two different girls 20171203_17281820171203_17274020171203_17281420171203_17280820171203_17280320171203_17275820171203_17275120171203_172740

@Antgut i believe the days listed on ILGM for the autos are a general reference from the time you plant in soil. For regular seeds the days listed are a general reference from the time of light switch or start of flowering

@VelcroThumb ILGM Lists time in Flower and most are in the 8 weeks ballpark.

Veg times for photos can’t be calculated although the 4 weeks from sprout is pretty much a given these days for Autos!

Need to get a 30x to use the chart don’t what to miss my window