HARVEST The last white widow day 69


I was going to do two white widow and looked over and seen I had a super hash auto so I threw it in as well I will try my best to keep this updated at least every water and feeding just finished taking all these pictures about 10 minutes ago and here we go fellas and ladies

by the way I’m starting from scratch again Have to rehang everything so I get a re-plastic and all that fun stuff so this is what I use to germinate my beans distilled water mykos and when I wet my paper towel fold it and bag it thanks to all of my friends on here everyone this grow is for the people who help each and everyone of us every day can’t wait to even get help with this grow thanks :pray:t2: all


Awesome bro count me in I’m always here.


Me too I’m taggin along the ride :+1:


Definitely be hanging out my self . Always fun to watch a grow . This will be fun watching the progress from grow to grow as we all get to be better at this .


I totally agree


Time to get with it I see, good luck man


I’ll be watching :+1:


Let the construction began when I get it up and running I’ll post some pictures


OK here’s where I’m at so far

working on ventilation yes I made a tent with a tent in it


Nice I thought I was the only lunatic on here that did that
I sealed my box in with heavy 2 mil black plastic ceiling and 4 walls more for smell but also to black out my grow room


No the wife is clueless she doesn’t go in the basement and I have two carbon filters this time I’m going to put one in the tent and one in the tarp area I’m putting one 300 W one 600 W LED and a 200 W Cobb hanging down and then I’m going to put to 300 W LEDs hanging sideways for sidelight +2 CFL 2100Im I think 1500 W of LEDs a 200 W cob and three autos should be plenty of light trying a different way of setting up my ventilation system


write out the chimney all the lights are up and working I need a Y connector to hook up the second fan and carbon filter my next update Will hopefully be tomorrow me placing everything in pots I know I don’t need all the lights now will be starting with two CFL’s and possibly one 300 W LED


i’m going to call it a day this is the progress I made give everyone an update tomorrow


I love that yur using meizhi leds… its awesome to know that a grower like you is using the same eq as me… I found a 900 meizhi for 189 shipped and I love it… . I also use a vipatspectra 300 and a Mars hydro 300… im smoking sorry for too much info


Yeah I have three 300 W and I have one 600 W and then I have a cob 200 W


You have been hard at work @Hogmaster nice setup.:smiley:


Could you please remove the picture of the little baggie with labled seeds that’s frowned upon

The one labled W.W.A -10, we recently had another person remove a couple pictures like that.

Kind regards and happy growings


@Majiktoker been taken care of sorry but nice to know I appreciate it I’ll be more cautious


Not a problem I seen it somewhere else I need to mention it to another member, thank you


Not a problem I’m here to set an example and help as I can and get all the help I can get is well thanks