Harvest, the flush, and total darkness

So I have a few topics I would like to touch on and get advice, if that’s possible!

Is it deadly to NOT flush your plants before you harvest them? Is there a way to quickly flush?

My girls are at their most crystalistic form while in pitch dark, how do I efficiently capitalize on this fact?

Wet-trimming leads to weed that smells like hay… Right? Defoliation prior to harvest feels necessary to me… How does one manage this nonsense?!

Double harvest??? Yes or no? Why or why not?

How long should it take to hang dry a plant? A gram size bud? Do you trim every existing leaf when you trim?

You don’t need to flush before harvesting. I rarely flush first off.

The Hay smell is improper drying techniques.

Plants dry differently in different parts of the world. I shoot for a cotton ball feel then cure it.

Remove as many leaves as possible while drying as it will make life easier.

It depends of course. I cut way back on nutrients (fox farm trio) the last couple of weeks. I want the plants to consume what is available in the soil and then there own leaves. So, in my mind major flushing is not necessary. Flushing the soil simply makes this process more abrupt. It still comes down to timing. Flush to late and still have nutrients in the plant. Too early, your yield / quality suffers.
Go organic / natural and eliminate the issue all together.

Harvest during / at end of lights off. And, keep them in dark after trim.

No. It is the dry / cure that can generate that smell. I trim and dry in the room that provides air to the carbon filter so I do not notice it. You get hay smell if you jar up before it is dry enough

I simply pull dead leaves off as necessary through out the grow. No defoliation. If the leaves are green they are doing their job. Why would you remove them? Removing them would be the nonsense part.

I assume you are talking about cutting what is ready and leaving the rest. It depends somewhat on grow style. It would work for large single colas plants. Take it and allow the rest to mature a little more (I have done this). Its probably not practical / used when Sea of green or Scrog methods used.

It totally depends on drying conditions and the size. 80 degrees and 30% RH will dry a lot faster than lower temps and humidity. If you hang the whole plant or large stems it will take longer. Members say 7-10 days. Frankly, I am now where close. The best for me is 5-6 days and I had to work to slow it down that much. Something I need to improve because it will improve the quality of the bud.
Similarly, the extent of trimming is a personal choice. I wet trim. I find it easiest. Yes, I remove all of the fan leaves and stems. The real question is sugar leaves. This is up to the individual. I pretty much try to trim down to the bud itself. I bag up the sugar leaves and small buds for the freezer. It is time consuming and tedious but I have the time and haven’t slept for than 5 hrs at a time in 20 years. Put some good music on and chill for a couple hrs at a time.


@StateFarm425 Pretty sound advice here I believe. And I heard on this forum that you want to go total dark, before you harvest, for 4 days to let the resin buildup on your buds even more.

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I try to stay as organic as possible, my buddy got some dyna-gro and was pretty enthusiastic about me trying it so I have fed my girls some of that… But besides that I just been taking *ground oyster shells, *bat guano, fish bone meal, blood meal, azomite, and also some bloom booster plant food and mixing a tbspn or 3 of each into their water

So the lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes this time around is patience, patience, patience. Time to harvest…u think… Wait a week or 2. Lol.

I dont think i waited long enough for any part of this damn grow hahaha. Didn’t veg long enough, harvested too early, didn’t hang long enough… Shit! I finally got rid of the hay smell…

Anyone use LED? I think my choice of lights was underwhelming too.

If I’m training my plants its ideal to strap down the branches with few nodes on each of them and then tie a net above them. What’s my objective with the net?
I taught myself LST and I had a blast doing it! Must learn more techniques and master this art!!

I’m almost about done growing 7 plants (last one is my autoflower blueberry) I messed up and didn’t train the first 5 til it was too late and so I put the other 3 back into veg and thought some buds were going to over-mature so I attempted a double harvest and in theory was successful but def going lst scrog on the auto and all future plants I grow.

Whats the freezer for? I have a similar jar with my larf/leaves/stems that I want to turn into wax…

I store the good trim (sugar leaves and small buds) in the freezer to make kief or extracts.

Yes - I have a Kind XL600 in my 3x3. 320 actual watts over 9 sq ft is 35/sq ft. That is on the adequate side for decent bud. It was OK for autos because I ran them 20/4 so the daily light integral was OK not great. I am growing 4 photos this time and wanted / needed more light during flower so I added 4 photo boost strips to the set up. At max output they add another 160 watts .
Great white light with some 4 CREE XP-G3 Photo Red 660nm.

I am also using a net this grow. Technically not Scrog because I am not using it to train or modify the canopy. I’m using it to separate and support the flowers
The canopy is going to have a lot of flowers (trained and pruned that way) so hopefully I didn’t overestimate what the additional lighting will do. I have the boost strips dimmed down to 75-80% so I have a little left at the top end if needed.

During mid to late veg you let the canopy grow into the net and then weave them into the net to obtain an even horizontal canopy. Often a 2nd net is used to provide support and separation. Timing, pruning and net height are critical to using the scrog properly. Maybe next run I will give it a go but would have to change out a few things like exhaust / filter and the netting size.

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