Harvest/Temperature and humidity

I have recently started my harvest phase for my autoflower yet the temperature is at 27 ° … will it effect the plant drastically? What can I do to help?

Welcome to the community , it is best if you can shoot for a slow drying period . 65 to 68゚ humidity 40 to 50.
7 to 10 days Good luck my friend :v:

Temp 60° RH 60% 6-7 days in the dark drying time checking periodically to make sure everything is kosher… just my opinion good luck

There are two more parts to this series. I follow it, and have had 5 sucessful dry and cures.

Thank you for answering. Just to clear things up, my question is would it harm the plant being 27degrees celcius? Humidity is at around 50%. Thanks

27 will dry out the buds faster, ideally you’d want that lower for a nice slow dry. My room sits around 17-19 degrees Celsius, humidity around 60.

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I have a similar dynamic in Florida and I have more control over humidity. Would it be better to increase humidity a bit to slow down the extra heat from drying it out too fast? I’m going to have 77-80f in the tent and was thinking around 55% might be best? Does a moisture meter help?