Harvest Super Skunk

I’ve got past several mistakes and learned a lot on my first grow. I’ve read dozens of articles on maturity but I know how important a couple of days are. I want a nice couch lock buzz. I’m a veteran user and need it for pain and insomnia mostly. I’m love edibles! Anyway, I was hoping to get an expert’s opinion on whether it ready or not.

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Today is 8 weeks to the day.


Looks pretty good to me! Are those all calyx and not sugar leaves? If so ur window is open


Yes. Those are calyx leaves. I had to look up calyx lol. I was asking because some tricomes are still clear. I’m new to growing but usually catch on pretty quick.

Try not to judge by leaves. And ur doing great. Almost there my friend


Thank you. I’ve been judging by tricome color with a digital microscope. I hope to do better each grow(who doesn’t?). Here’s what she looks like.


I’m thinking I’ll give it one more day to see if I can get a few more tricomes to turn white.

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Outstanding. :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


I agree, you’re ready as far as I can see.


Thank you, I’m cutting today. Fingers crossed I get the potency I’m looking for! :crossed_fingers:

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I am not an expert but I think they are where you want them. Enjoy your harvest :facepunch:

Job well done. Now for trimming drying and curing :relaxed: I’ve heard it gets better the longer you cure it also. I wouldn’t know because i smoke a lot. :joy::joy:

So it turns out this wasn’t close to its potential. I’ll wait to see a lot more amber next time. I had other issues besides cutting early. Maybe next time I guess.

Best learning experience? Hands on. Best of luck next grow