Harvest soon. Any info and tricks on proper dry and cure

Nah the fan shouldn’t be blowing on the branches anyways only rotating the air below them but put a big bowl of water with a hand towel half off it in front of the fan and that can increase humidity by about 5ish% ( gotta keep it filled tho) worse case scenario you bag/Jar them a Lil to dry as long as don’t stay too dry to long only a little terps will evaporate.
Ohh and here’s a bonus tip the branches only get snappy when they become equilibrium with the room rh so if I were you as I’d check at least once a day if any thin branch gets snappy at such a low humidity I would immediately trim, jar and use fresh leaf, orange peel, or lettuce leaf to rehumidify them to 63%

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Ok thanks guys … @Newt I thought I read somewhere if u dry to fast that you will get this hay smell that won’t go away… so it is ok if they dry a little faster then normal as long as I use that moisture meter and throw them in at 11 to 12 percent they will be ok. That meter will be here Friday so

I believe that would be too dry, and not too fast. But certainly try to take as long as you can. But if the smaller buds are dry in 3 or 4 days (mine usually are), just snip them and get them curing. It’s the cure that works the magic on the smell, as the chlorophyll degrades.