Harvest soon a little amber?

I think I see a little amber … do I? Any thoughts? Outdoors… wedding cake any thoughts from anyone welcome

Duh …here’s a pic I drew crappy lines to show where I think I see it … thanks peeps

Still no picture

This time I’m really giving a pic :joy:

Wait till it says 100%

Brain cramp …

Sorry … I’m so impatient :joy: so I did repost with the pics

It’s up to you if you want to harvest.

Actually after it says 100% wait for the checkmark to disappear about 3 seconds after 100% and loaded… that’s on a phone. still see a lot of clear and white. Those few amber trichs are on sweet leaf and ambers can be from lights or million things but no concerns for my tastes. What were you thinking 1 week or more like 3? Are you gonna flush it might be around the corner

I had to use the boomerang 2 weeks ago …NE weather is not cooperating this year outside… so I did just use fresh plain water on sat am. Water to run off … and I’m just trying to make it to the end without them dying … Sorry for the ramble , but I guess the answer is yes only straight water from now on … cool days … colder nights and humidity🤪… fighting the wpm all summer … any good inexpensive drying methods … gonna get 62Rh size 8 moisture packs and possibly a Filter IF can afford it … got some jars …thanks for any help much appreciated

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Curing is very inexpensive…hang them in a closet and wait a week. LoL in all seriousness a carbon filter just helps w smell that’s it’s as far as drying … if smell isn’t a problem when drying don’t spend the money. Now fresh air is a MUST that’s free too. LoL and the rh packs or boveda go in after curing…

Yup gotta be discreet … thanks for the help