Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Anyone used one before to cure flower? My wife and I just bought a medium unit. I have some bud about ready to harvest. I’ve been searching some good settings for them and I think I’ve got a good understanding on what to do. Please share some info if you got it! Thanks!

@Took1-4theteam just got a cool dryer/curer from Cannatrol. I haven’t seen the Harvest Right but I’ll check it out :call_me_hand:t3:


The harvest right is only a freeze dryer and wont cure buds unless you get a separate unit to work with it so it can. If you want a commercial home sized curing machine the cannatrol like @MattyBear just suggested is your best bet. The only freeze dry type curing machines that work that i know of are 1/2 the size of a vehicle and cost as much. Alot of freeze dryers will take all the humidity and then when you touch it, itll turn to dust. They will look fantastic but thats because chlorophil is freeze dried in the flower, which is something curing purges out


I was looking into those myself while trying to figure out what I’m going to do for harvesting my first grow which is about a month away. I ended up going with cannatrols cool cure machine for 2 reasons. One is the price and 2 is that the freeze dry concentrates on a faster and more quantity but potential lose of terps in freeze-dry cycle. While the cool cure is focused on locking in terps and a slow release of moisture using vapor pressure and dew point rather than just basic temp and humidity.
Buddy at local hydro store really wants what you have for doing stuff like bubble hash or whatever it’s called.

we both got really nice machines that is helping to raise the standards on smaller home growers like ourselves and commercial alike. I’m curious to know more about and how things go for you. May want to get one myself If/when I can expand. :+1:


You cure the buds in a jar with a humidity packet for a day. It’s exactly what commercial growers do.

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Proper curing is 2 to 3 weeks, not a day.


Will just say for anyone that might be interested though. I just pulled a small bud I clipped early for a test run before main harvest. Ran it through the cannatrol for a 4 and a half day dry and 6 days in cure. It’s already super smooth , tasty, and can’t tell a difference from it and paying 50 for 3.5 grams at a medical dispensary. Incept for maybe even a better, fresher feel and taste excellent. :+1: No b.s.

And the ending to my first grow will be filling it up by next weekend :+1:

looks nice How much can it hold at a time

Can hold up to 2.2 wet pounds during dry cycle or hold up to double that in cured product indefinitely.

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