Harvest questions


Yes, they were seeds. I chopped them today . I’m thinking I got about two to three oz’s, about half buds, and about half popcorn. It wasn’t that bad really, just a few seeds, maybe twenty-five total. I am glad I cut them, if I had let them go they would have been loaded .I’ll post a picture tomorrow, to tired now , spent all afternoon trimming.


I spent the past 3 days trimming. Ugh.

Every time I trim I swear I’ll trim off all those larfy buds early on the next grow.


Do you remember seeing a drug bust on TV and thinking “man, I want one of those bales!” ? And now realizing that is was probably the worst stuff ever :wink:


Oh do I ever remember that stuff. I smoked a QP a month for years. I still buy a $35 quarter every now and then to mix things up.


Ok guys, & gals, after several hours of trimming a lot of popcorn, this is what I ended up with on my first grow. This stuff is very sticky, it’s in the tent drying now.


I think I am going to try to make some butter with the bag of sugar leaves. I have to do something with all of those little leaves and trim, after all that work, I’m not wasting anything but the seeds. @Drinkslinger, @HornHead, @Budbrother, @Humanclone, @boardsbird, @Whodat66, @blackthumbbetty, @monsterblackbass, @dinoKid, @MBgrower


I don’t know :thinking: looks pretty iffy to me. I might have to swing by in a few weeks to check it for you LOL


Looks like at least a dozen large cola and some nice size nugs. Did you weight it? That can help you manage how quickly or slowly it’s drying by weighing it at intervals.


I was busy too.

All dried and put into jars. Still have an ounce or two in the tent finishing up.

Harvest time in RutVegas.


@Drinkslinger, Did you say RutVegas ? Where do you call home ?


I’ll never tell :grin:


Sounds like Reno… RuntVegas :shushing_face::joy:


Get it right, it’s “RutVegas” :slight_smile:


Or “Rut-Tucky”.


Don’t forget, it could be Atlantic City.


@Drinkslinger Nice harvest bud ! How many plants is that ?


Well, now that my indoor girls are in the drying tent it’s time to pay more attention to the Queen of Hearts, (outdoors). She is now over 6ft tall, and starting to flower :smile: I can’t wait until October !!! But one thing I have learned in my short growing history, is not to count your chickens before you chop there heads off.


2 GDP plants in a scrog. Combination of Roleadro cobs and eb light strips, running 400-500 watts. 10oz dried bud, enough trim for 3lbs butter, and I lost a couple oz to bud rot. Not bad, but not hitting 1g/watt.

Your outdoor plant is in stretch. Soon the flowers will begin. Let’s hope for a warmish fall with little rain.


Had nothing but rain lately, we are due for a change.
I plan on growing a couple of atos over the winter, I know they don’t grow very tall. Do you think they would do well in SCROG ? @Drinkslinger


The whole week looks like rain :-1:

I haven’t grown autos, but from what I understand they are touchy and might not respond well to the training involved in a scrog.
I’m sure others have more knowledge about autos.