Harvest Questions and Concerns


I’ve got a tricky situation I’m hoping you more experienced cannabis cultivators can weigh in on.

I have three plants in my grow trent. One is ready for harvest (about 15% amber) one probably has a week or two to go (mostly clear) and one is limping along behind. The gap in development is due to me planting different strains (rookie mistake) and some other errors I made during the grow process.

My biggest issue is I need to use the grow tent for drying. Is drying in a 12/12 environment going to be detrimental to the buds? It’s about 50% humidity and 72 degrees in the tent. To make matters worse, I have to fly out of town in exactly 6 days, and will be gone for four days, so I’m not sure how to time it. If I cut today, which is a possibility, I can have them ready to cure by the time I go - but then nobody to burp them while I’m gone. A slow drying process may be my best bet, but I’m not 100% sure how to go about doing it.

I appreciate your time in reading my post and any advice you can provide will be appreciated.


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Check out paper bag drying. Given paper badges are light tight yoi could even hang them in the tent.


When drying and curing the buds should stay in the dark as much as possible light degrades the THC. I’m a new grower and only learned this, who knew I was helping myself out all those years hiding my stash in the dark. Anyway @WickedAle has you covered. I have done the paper bag drying method in an active tent and it worked well. Unlike the video I have to check mine at least once a day. I’m too paranoid about mold forming.



take a cardboard box, put string through, hang whole plant in there, seal with tape. Before you go away you cut it to smaller branches and put the already dry plant in paper bags (no matter how dry it feels it wont be ready for a glas jar by that time)

When you go in 6 days you cut the second plant and put it in the cardboard box, the 3rd plant you leave until it is finished. Maybe?

Give the 3rd plant a good watering on the day you leave so it needs 2-3 days to dry out and can survive the last day from the reserves.

Good Luck, dont worry too much