Harvest question…Trichomes or bud size

I have been watching my plants’ progress closely and reading everything I can but I still have a question. I have multiple buds on my autoflowering saliva. The buds are still relatively small compared to photos I’ve seen of mature buds. When I checked the trichomes, many already have a milky appearance. I want to harvest before they go amber. Should I wait for buds to fill out or go with trichomes as the best indicator. I’ll try to post a picture of the buds.

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You still have quite a ways to go
There are still lots of white pistils and she has a lot of bulking up to to

When the pistils turn brown and turn inward, then start checking trichomes on the buds, not the sugar leaves as they mature long before the trichomes on the buds

I’d say you have at least a month


My buds look similar and I’m not even a month into flowering

The calyxs at the nodes are swelling up on mine also so I’m thinking they’ll do the same at the bud sites
When I see more of that happening I’ll start really examining the trichomes mine are all clear

What strain do you have there?
And how long have you been in flowering?

Way to early for trichome checking. Your are just past transition into flowering. The buds grow just like children, start out super small but shoot up like a rocket one they begin to mature. Your plant is the equivalent of a 13 yr old right now. Most of the weight gets added in the last few weeks. Also, I’ve noticed sativa buds tend to be smaller but more of them.


This is Super Lemon Haze. It’s started flowering about 3 weeks ago.

I have 19 plants (better results than I dreamed of) and some are just now flowering. Others are showing the first signs of buds.

I bought a saliva mix pack here so I have the Lemon, Strawberry and Chocolate strains.

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Mine is 90’s Dutch
Not really sure it’s any different than white widow …it’s the same lineage and parent plants as white widow
Brazilian setiva landrace /South Indian indica

Anyhow I’m about 3-1/2 weeks into flower also

I have another plant that’s either Mob Boss which is Chemdawg x tangie or cookies and cream ,Starfighter/GSC
It just started throwing pistols so who know how long …,

I’m gonna stay tuned !!