Harvest question about some purple on the edges of the sugar leaves


So this is my 4th harvest of gold leaf and I’m looking(partially because I think my flowering date is a bit late and I’m thinking the plants may be well done) to see if this purple on the edges of some of the sugar leaves may be a sign that it is ready. This is flowering day 70 according to what I have down.


It’s hard to see in the led light but this thing doesn’t have a flash.



White or natural light if you want us to look at something. I can see something going on, but it is impossible to tell under LED


From my phone


The leave look like they are drying out.

Have you looked at the trichomes to see what they look like?


200x or higher magnifier or jewelers loupe. I tried to zoom your pics but i can’t for some reason?


I agree with @bob31