Harvest Pics Day 81! First Grow! plus Scrog flip to dry (my own setup)

Harvest done! Will keep adding pics here. Day 81. Drying conditions right now 66.6F, 61.6% Rh. Last night I unplugged the light and early-ish this morning set up to flip scrog. And then chopped.
Trichs from yesterday, tiny lower bud.


Perfect! It will take ~10 days and you can then jar or bag them for curing.


This didn’t work.

Had to go to the shed for this. sigh.


Here are some progresive pictures of the big event. 2 plants, one Northern Lights, one Borderliner. In coco, 250 watt viparspectra, 2x4 tent, GH nutes.

Before chop:

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More just before shots:

Setting up lines to flip scrog net. 2 in front. 2 in back



Four lines attached to flip scrog at each corner. This will be a step by step post. these are those same lines (four) I used to hang light (2)…adustable.

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another angle…

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.Chopped. Front two lines, attached to back of scrog now raised so scrog is vertical. (the two zip ties were cut).

Front zipties cut and lines at back of tent allowed me to Easily flip the scrop. New view of plants. Because it bowed in the middle, I tied up the middle scrog with some strings.


Then I started trimming the heaver branches…from the top…

Carefully. And guess what? Not a single branch fell to the floor. This is just as they grew. No clothespins needed. And no, the buds are not stuck to the string or the wire.


I left on the exhaust fan and one little fan going on the floor of the tent, not aimed at plants.

I cut those big branches to potentially speed drying…next step will be removing dried leaves, which I can now see and access. But first a break!


Also, the plants were dry and due today for another watering if I hadn’t harvested. But I didn’t starve them of water or light. I didn’t flush, either. Time will tell…

Great job! Congratulations on your grow.
Don’t hurry the dry time too much. The girls like is slow and steady :smirk:

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@beachglass everything look okay to you? and check on the drying. no need to hurry now…

Be proud of that !! That is really awesome. Congrats !

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Drying in tent: 62.3F, 56% Rh. Rh keeps edging down slightly and slowly, which I think is what we want. 3rd drying day today. I DID wind up separating some branches and using clothespins to hang. The scrog for drying rack is working out REALLY well. Simple. Will try to keep updating…

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Dry ended abruptly yesterday (six days) with one plant suddenly drying (in one day) to about 50%. Dry trimmed and in jars yesterday. Tent temps and humidity all within tolerance. Then drying tent humidity dropped very abruptly and I woke up to tent humidity at 50% yesterday. Yikes.

Dry weight two plants just over 8.6 oz.

And the one plant (a sative cross, borderliner) is the 50% one. Waited overnight to see if Rh would rise in jars but nope. So this morning I ordered boveda packs and put a bit of flour tortilla in each jar until humidity packs arrive. Already bringing up by 3-4 percent in a few minutes. The other plant, Northern Lights, is sitting pretty at 63-64%. The only other alternative would have been to jar a day earlier, which I could not possibly have known (I had sprigs in a jar for 12 hours at 68% for a test the day before I jarred).

Check three times a day? Dr. Pepper time? 10, 2 and 4? lol. Next time I get 68% I am jarring everything. ffs.

ok. after extensive checking and noting, all jars are at 62% or slightly higher after adding the tortilla pieces (about the size of a chip but soft). Whew. Boveda on the way.