Harvest outdoor Autoflowers at 14 weeks, Down Under

Hi All,
Attached is some pictures from yesterdays harvest of 3 autos(2 x WW & 1 JH). I had taken the main cola’s from these 3, 2 weeks ago and yesterday at 14 weeks it is time. Trichomes are all milky and about 30% turning amber.
I smoked some of the JH main cola that has been drying for 10 days, and wow, what a great smoke. Unfortunately I have only the one JH, but will be back for more next summer. Down under summer is officially over, we are in the fall.
I have another 5 autos in flower now(WW’s & AK-47’s). They will be be better as I did not experiment with their grow medium as I did with this first crop. Still have 2 auto’s to harvest that are in 7 gallon grow bags, they will be ready in approx 5-7 days, thats getting close to 15 weeks, but its worth it.


Vary nice colors. Great stuff there


Great job!


Very nice, lots of color.


Beautiful job. :+1:


I agree…very nice😎


Very nice, what state are you from? I’m from SA.

HI Frostybuds,

Im from the island that looks like ‘the patch’ south of Victoria… you know . Hows your garden this past summer? Got any pic’s?

A Taswegian eh?
I did outdoor last year, got 4 Bruce Banners with about a pound.
This year I am growing indoors, details can be found here;

Good luck to ya…I had a look, yes go easy on those fertilisers… even if I ever go inside I would still stick to a ‘soil’ based medium. But hey, you got to try…