Harvest or Not to Harvest

That is the question. These are autos and site said around 65 days from seed to harvest. These are around day 63? There still are a lot of white pistils but also a lot have turned. I can’t really find amber trichs on the bid sites but on the leaves their starting to turn. Here’s a couple shots from this morning. Also what would be a good way to cure this properly?

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Dark room, air circulation, and 60 degrees if you can. Or at least cool. For bud curing and drying.

You can’t go by a general information on a web site when deciding when to harvest, you need to harvest your girls when they are ready.

Usually, when a site like ILGM says 8 weeks, that means 8 weeks of flower under ideal conditions. They have no idea how long it takes for your seeds to germinate, nor how successful you are to get them through growth stage and mature enough to begin to flower.

I’ve had autoflower start to flower in just three weeks when grown under 600 watt Metal Hydride lamps. That’s too soon for my liking, so I slow them down using less intense LEDs.

Some beginners, with less then ideal growing equipment and knowledge, may go 6-8 weeks or more before their autoflowers begin to flower, and even after all that time, their ladies are only 16 inches tall.

Relax until all the white pistils turn dark, then you have about a three week window where you can harvest and get great results. Take a picture of the entire plant and we will be able to figure out approximately how many more weeks you have to go yet.


well I’ll be honest. I am a bit ashamed. This is my first plant I have ever grown. At first the plant was flawless then I had a situation were the leaves had a brownish stain on the them. Which lead to them completely yellowing/getting crispy. All of them. Lol. I tried to correct it with Cal/mag but at that point it was too late. New growth looks good. Sugar leaves are green. Most of the leaves had shriveled and died but didn’t come off when tugged on so I left them. It’s not a pretty site but it is still going and I couldn’t bring myself to toss it. I really just want this one done so I can start a new chapter. Here she is…please don’t laugh :laughing:


Just cut the crappy looking leaves off, you’ll feel better and your girls will look better.

Looks like you are getting close to finishing and have nice tight buds.

They’re phat, I think that’s all that matters.


I like her. I have one auto in a similar size and shape and nice fat cola too. She will give you a nice amount even though she lacks size. Just ride her out until finished. Looks aren’t everything.

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Is this still growing? 12 days older should be looking nice :+1::grin:

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Yes! Check out my harvest. Chopped it late last night. Search “Late Night First Ever Harvest” to see it all. Here’s a lol some some.