Harvest or give them more time?

So these are my first try at growing. Went for Blueberry auto flower. They germinated 2 months ago. Didn’t grow as large as I had hoped but very healthy and thick with colas around stems (see pics). The pistils are starting to change color — from white to a kind of brownish. I’d really like to give them another month to develop even more and bigger. If these belonged to you, what would you do? In advance, thanks for all your thoughtful responses!!


Look they they could still dense up some…

Got any pictures of trichomes or the top of the buds?


I second that. Let em bulk up.


Yep, see below.

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I would let them keep going

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Thanks a million, TDubWilly! Will give them another month grow time. So excited to test the end product!!!


Watch your trichomes, they will start out clear then turn white and then amber. Wait until they atleast turn white most people prefer a combination of white and amber. The more amber the more couch lock you will have. do not harvest when clear they haven’t ripened all the way and you will not get the potency you want


Fabulous advice!! Many thanks, dbld55!! Much appreciated!!

That’s not bad at all if germinated 2 months ago - for most it’s a month veg plus 2 months flower min… obviously it’s an auto so it’s gonna do what it wants when it wants but that extra month should put you in a perfect spot. Good luck👍


Ideally get a couple good pictures of the bud with camera focused and flash on, probably best to do it not in a sunny area because we want to see the flash light the bud up.
Tricombs are a great way but you also need to look at the buds on the plants.

Send us another couple pictures

They don’t look anywhere near ready, and are you still feeding them a grow mix? They need a flowering formula if you aren’t already.

Thanks all for advice! Just harvesting last one today. I think bud growth has stopped and tricomes are ready. Made the mistake of starting off trying to use organic only nutrients before switch over to power stuff. Expect better yield on next crop now that I’ve learned some lessons.



Can you please help me to decide if it’s harvest time?
This is a sativa, amnesia haze autoflower, in 2 days it will be 14 weeks old. I believe the top part buds are ready to harvest. I am thinking to harvest the top part, and keep the lower part for an extra week or 2.
Can you please give me some advice? !

I’d def give a few more weeks and can you get a close up (preferably with a 60x jewlers loupe) of the trichomes?