Harvest Opinion?

Any expert advice on these two? different strains and i can’t tell if they are ready to pull or not. rain is due next week as well. thanks! i am a beginner for sure


In my opinion you have a couple of weeks or more.

You should absolutely take care of spider mites webs. Check under your leaves for bugs and if can spray them with Captain Jacks dead bug. Only to control the colony.

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cool, i thought i had mites. i have some captn jacks already. if i have a couple more weeks what about rain protection?

Spray them thoroughly upside and underside. Are you gonna have frost or only rain with warm weather?

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just sprayed them-the rain will be pretty insignificant and at about 72/53 low and high F.

Spraying should be done in the early morning or before sunset when light intensity is very low.

Days temp are ok. Some rain during the day would be beneficial washing off the spider mites. You can cover them during the night with a piece of cloth or plastic bags.

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good to know. i sprayed them in the sun. i had second thoughts about it but did it anyway. hopefully its ok.