Harvest now or wait?

She is a Californian Snow auto that is 74 days from sprout. I was planning on cutting it at 90 days. Does that sound about right or should I start flushing it now and cut in a week? I can’t tell if the trichomes are clear or cloudy. Thanks I’m advance for any advice.


Get a loupe or a magnifier of some sort or it’s just a wild guess.

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A must have for under ten bucks. Any number of them available.


As others have already suggested, looking at trichomes is your best idea for harvest depending on desired effects.

Still see many white pistils. Not sure, but you may have a couple of weeks.

She looks great. Keep up the effort and you will be rewarded! :call_me_hand:t3:


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

This too. Sorry, should’ve added that. Probably 2 weeks left maybe 3. But you really do need magnification to know for sure.

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Your plant looks like it is fox-tailing. I have a plant doing the same. The caylx keep growing one on top of the other.

My amnesia haze autoflower is at 13 weeks, it keeps fox tailing and the trichomes aren’t clouding over either.

I wouldn’t flush until you see clouding trichomes, it might have a ways to go.

I noticed the foxtailing, what causes that? Is it bad? I will for sure get a magnifier. I was thinking two more weeks.

I’ve seen a larger number of foxtailing plants this summer. Must’ve been a hot one.

I’d harvest at 90 days. Btw.

Yea, it’s been a scorcher the last few weeks. It is supposed to cool down to the 70’s this week, so hopefully that helps. I will keep the date of 90 days unless the trichomes tell me different. Thanks for the info.

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Two of my three plants, the more advanced ones, both foxtailing. I was told here that it is not bad if close to the end of the flowering period when close to harvest; it’s a sign that she is almost done.

If it occurs early in flowering, then it is not a good sign.

@CMichGrower My AMN is at 10+ weeks of flowering (14+ total) and is now showing signs of cloudy trichomes! I was getting worried and anxious. Just have to be patient; hard to do on a first grow!

Keep safe and stay medicated!

Foxtailing at the end doesn’t really effect the bud in any way but visually.
If it’s happening the whole time during flower (I’ve had it happen), the buds just don’t get dense and have a tendency to dry out before they’re fully mature.

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One thing I’ve for sure learned is patience is key! I’m excited to see how it turns out. Thanks for the info.