Harvest my White widow or wait

I am unsure if I need to pull this girl or leave her in for a couple more weeks……
Her pistils are 75-80% red and her trichomes are all milky and some even amber, but according to the calendar she still has a couple weeks and I don’t want to miss that window and wait too long and be stuck on the couch after partaking


In my experience White Widow is one I pull later I like some of the trichs Amber and around a 12 week flower period


Look at the flowers, not the sugar leaves. And you can ignore the colored chart at the bottom. Looks great!!!

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11 weeks for me, but later is better…


Yeah any WW I pulled before 11 weeks was missing the backside of the high. The end of week 11 is what I was calling 12 weeks and after pulling way too many before week 11, to me those are not ready and missing the comedown in da couch back end. Autos have lower potency than their photoperiod sisters and I’ve found that it is an absolute must to grow them till they are completely ready as unlike a photo picked a tad early, one will be disappointed with autoflowers picked early.

For the record I don’t guess I’ve grown any auto that didn’t take at least 11 weeks or more of flowering and if we count the 4 weeks of veg that means 15 weeks or more from sprout which makes them no faster than how many pros grow photos indoors.

Autos have several upsides to them for me, number one being outdoors, and in the case of growing regular seeds if one pops too many males a few auto seeds can fill the gap. Peace and Yall have a Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas everyone,
Yours are sweet. Take a look at these white spots on my white widow auto flower.
Hope you dont get this issue.
Where could it come from?
Thanks, Have Blessed Day.

@Shemp Powdery mildew.


Spray your plant with peroxide. I use the 3% solution. Some people mix that 50/50 with water. Spray it liberally several times a day for a few days. I keep a spray bottle in my tents and spray all my plants once a week or so…


Hi, wont the excess water cause more problems?
Thanks for any advice.

It could, but there are already problems. They will have to be dealt with.

Hi, At closer look under mag. I see bug. mite?

Captain Jack’s Deadbug is good throughout your grow. I spray a couple of times a day for a few days and then go to a weekly treatment…

Captain Jack’s Deadbug is good throughout your grow. I spray a couple of times a day for a few days and then go to a weekly treatment…

1 tsp veg oil
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp flaxen
Gallon water. in sprayer.

Looks like you might have some WPM and maybe a bug problem. When checking leaves for bugs look on the undersides though that’s where they like to hide the most :wink:

same here White widow auto flower.