Harvest my Autoflower grandaddy purple

Hi – I’m as new as can be when it comes to growing. My autoflower GDP is 12 weeks from germination and I’m unsure on whether or not they are ready for harvest. According to pictures and information I’ve read on this site, they are not ready, but the seeds were marketed as a 10-week harvest and I’m in week 12. Should I follow the designated timeline, or should I let them grow until I see more of an amber color?

background. I started my grow indoor (no tent) with a simple grow light, then transferred them outdoors at week 5, flowering began in week 9, and I’m currently in week 12. – I’m in the northeast and growing them in a raised bed. I purchased the ILGM fertilizing system and using it according to directions…


Assuming you mean 12 weeks since they sprouted, they still have a couple of weeks. The flowering time on the information is from the time flowering starts. Say “8-10 weeks” is marked as the harvest time. That time starts when flowering starts. It’s also under the ideal conditions according to that specific strain, so a couple of weeks after isn’t going to hurt. You need to look at the trichomes. If they are starting to get amber tips, you’re about there. Look nice by the way. Hope this helped. Happy growing!!!

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Agree with @Borderryan , you definitely have some time left.

While you’re waiting, find a few minutes to check out this vid:

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Thank you!!!


No worries!! Only stuff I’ve learned from others here!

I’ve got a photo GDP going that they said would take 8-9 weeks to finish flowering (12/12). I’m on day 72 today, and still have around 3 weeks. That’s how far off their flowering times are off.

Just about everyone reports they’re flowering times as shorter than they actually are. It’s an annoying sales tactic. This is why most folks who you’ll ask will tell you to completely disregard what the breeder says is the flowering time and harvest when the plant tells you to.

Plus, autos. Autos just kind of do what they want sometimes, they are a lot more unpredictable than a photoperiod plant.


@freddymac yours looks very similar to my one lady. I’m watching very closely from now on. I’m gonna start my flush this Saturday and flush the following Saturday. I think it will be good medicine. :+1:

@Borderryan I concur Sir!