Harvest? Lets nip this in the bud before it's too late


Ok I know I’m still a ways out but I’m trying to get this rite so I dont mess up. Please help me with tips on harvesting. And I have an old box trailer that I want to use for drying will it work or be too hot?


as long there is circulating air in their it should not be a problem, but do not dry them out completely they still need some moisture.


Thanks. I’ve been reading up on it and hopefully with the help of others I get this rite. Now the trailer is enclosed so if I put a fan in there would that be good. And I know it gets hot in there so is too much heat a factor or will it speed up the process?


this is what i did last year, i got a box and tied a thin rope around the stems, then made a hole on both sides of the box so the stems and buds hang down, i left the box under my deck for about 5 to 10 days and this was in October in new england a week before halloween. still have a mason jar half full. i rolled a few for my aunt the other day and they were still nice and sticky.


you still need ventilation, and you do not want to “cook” you ladies.


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