Harvest is too dry now


Hey fellow growers! How long does it take to rehydrate your harvest if you dried them out too much? And what is the best method of doing so? Have I caused any permanent damage? Is this recoverable? Will this taste bad? I thought it needed an extra day, however they’re definitely dried, crunchy dry and I was wrong… I was very careful and I placed them in a jar that another harvest was in it, and I was still burping. Should I elevate the harvest on something and put some water in the bottom and monitor it? Moist paper towel? Boveda packs are on the way but not here yet!
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For now I am going to defer to more experienced folks on the site. You sure the large buds/colas are too dry? The hidden moisture in large buds will rehydrate the other buds in jar, to a degree.

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Thanks @Screwauger I was hoping the other buds would hydrate them a bit. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re too dry. But I’ll see what the humidity will settle out to when I get home. I put the SensorPush in there. Even the stems seemed brittle.


2 words for you boveda packs


@daz49 they’re on their way, I was thinking of something temporary until they get here to rehydrate…


I know there are some people on here that surely know, but I don’t try
@Hogmaster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Niala here are a few that maybe able to help,i hope that helps you my friend


If your harvest is crispy dry, boveda packs won’t help you.

However, if you have just gone a little over board then the right boveda pack should help raise your moisture content, especially if drying in small spaces.


@Covertgrower fruit peels like orange or lemon will work for now. Maybe banana, but i’m not sure on that one. Don’t put any liquids into the jars, that could cause mold issues asap.

Do you have a hygrometer to see where they are at? These little guys slide right into the jar! Work great!



A slice of apple or mango helps to bring them back. Leave it overnight and continue until your happy. Just don’t leave it in there for more than a night and be prepared to watch and burp for a couple of days. you should have few if any adverse affects from getting it too dry. be patient with bringing it back because its about getting the moisture in the buds equalized and at the proper dryness. That’s usually a two or three day process maybe more.


@bob31 before you posted this link, I already have two coming with the boveda packs. Glad I made the right choice. Hygrometer is in there. The other harvest that was a little more moist is also in there. Humidity is at 40ish% and climbing. But it’ll take awhile for the other flowers to absorb that excess moisture from the other flowers.
@jeffro Apples and citrus peels. Nothing wet. Got it. Thanks everyone.

No permanent damage though right? @bob31 @jeffro


Get a small peice of cardboard get it wet and ring it out and put in air tight container with the dry buds and it will get some moisture in it and no you didn’t ruin it


Small 2"x2" @Covertgrower


Thanks @Sirsmokes I have some cardboard I can put in there.


Wring it out good this and about 12 hrs check it it should by (the cardboard) dry you can repeat this as needed until bOvid packs come in


If you use fruit peels and don’t stay on top of it they can get nasty


I use pieces of flour tortilla for just a few hours and it brings plenty of moisture back into buds / stems


Cabbage Leaf was alway my “go-to”. I’ll be spending some time today trimming some of the hanging stems that have dried sufficiently. Your post made me go out to the garage and see if I had any stems in the same condition as you. The oldest hanging stuff is definitely ready for the trimmer. I have usually waited 7 to 14 days but some of this was done In a week. YAY!


Purchase a “Magic Eraser”. This is the core material for the Paradigm System humidifier. Cut a piece about the size of a large peanut m and m and wet it then squeeze the moisture out. Place it on top of your jar of dried up bud over night. Remove and allow 24 hours to stabilize then repeat.

FYI I was once considered an authority on the maintenance of proper humid conditions for cigars with a patent on the above humidifier. The spotty ratings are due to the unit being used in a crappy humidor.


I think you can use old time Mendocino trick…
Sluce an apple and place piece with your dry buds…
Check often , good luck :wink::wink::wink:


I appreciate all the helpful responses, the humidity is coming back up slowly, and with the wet flowers still in there, and cardboard it’s just about right. 50% but I’m still waiting for it to stabilize a bit. The biggest concern was if it was ruined. At least I know it willl be okay. The magic eraser is a great idea, I’ll have to pick one up. Missus covertgrower might appreciate it anyway. Then I’ll get the “eye roll” when she asks why there’s a piece missing. Haha
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