Harvest is near, please advice experienced grower

Good day. Here are my first cultivation comes to an end (a few days, depending on how the plant) … Since my first harvest at all I would ask for some good advice on how you should do to be good with no problems. The level of temperature and humidity around we know , it is more important that someone tells me that you had initially cut the whole plant turnaround is wrong so to be 3-4 days and is then cut each top and put in jars ?? I would appreciate if someone can help me step by step. Thanks and regards

Good luck! :slight_smile:
How to Grow Cannabis Indoors: Beginner & Expert Guides

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Thank you very good article.

if you could recommend, how long it takes to water with clean water? Now enter the 8 weeks of flowering and the last seven days I watered only with water … Is it enough or how much would be your recommendation? The plants are in the country to grow and I used all the HESI nutrients that are needed …

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I’m not a good person to answer that question, because this is my first grow! Sounds like you’re doing it right though.

7 days is a good amount of time to give plain water. That’s called a flush cycle. Harvest when she’s ready.


Ok. Thanks.

first harvest and it has been more than good, I am very satisfied, these are the only two Northern Light fem. & White Widow fem!


grat’s and well done nice looking buds there
they always taste better when you grew them

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Sweet!!! Nice fat colas… I hope my white widow gets some fat nugs like that!!!

Do not worry, she will … Just do not expect to 8 weeks (total) to be so large. They are at the end of the 70 liters large containers for the land and the old are a total of almost five months … So take your time and give them as much quality land, CO2, light and everything will be ok. :wink:


i fush for 10 days