Harvest is here!


Use soap or both baking soda soap like Doc. said do as he does in the video


How long do I let it dry for after I wish them? @garrigan65


Try to use the lemon juice. Me personally i wouldnt use soap.


I have no idea on how lone it will take. But i’em sure you’ll know when they are. Lets just say in a few days and most of all keep that humidity down say at 40% ok


@Dr.DankThumb420 @garrigan65 the house doesn’t get below 60% humidity and how do I dry buds after bud wash ? Do I leave them out instead of in jars to dry? Also is 60% humidity okay to dry them in?


Look just hang them or place in a paper bag just a few in each bat or spread them out over news paper and cover with news paper. the paper will help to dry them out and ^A0% should be ok but not any higher than that or it’s a waste of your time…ok?


Okay if I clean the jars that were contaminated with mold, then thoroughly dry them, will I be able to use them when I need to cure again? @garrigan65


I don’t see why not. Just makensure you use a good disinfectant ok ?


Thank You for all the help! Relived so much stress on me lol @Dr.DankThumb420 @garrigan65 y’all are some good people!

the ones in New jars are the 2nd harvested plant and those buds are alot dryer than the others all I feel is stickiness. The ones in newspaper you think 3 or 4 days it should be dry enough to placed in jars again? And when I put them in jars again to cure will I have to restart on days to cure buds? Also water mixed with lemon juice and baking soda really works 100%! When I dunked them in 2nd bowl literally all of it came off!


Reading whole thread it seems like many you rushed the process.
We all want to reap our rewards, but haste makes waste. Glad you was able to save them!!!
Why it’s imperative to hang them till they snap, and burp daily a few times 2 minimal the first week.


With curing in jars when you burp buds it lets in oxygen and basically gotta get moisture out from inside bud. But I’m in a very humid state it’s hard to control humidity unless you have humidity packs or dehumidifier. @Tommyboy123 I rushed mine a little but it still packs a punch with edibles haven’t gotten to try buds yet still waiting to finish curing them. Oh also with buds hanging upside down it dries outside a little faster depending on humidity. It’s kinda like when your upside down the blood rushes to your head but instead its moisture with the buds if that makes any sense? @Dr.DankThumb420 he will explain it alot better than I can lol


You need to see the trichomes to establish harvest time. Only a microscope or mag glass will give you this visual, not a tablet.


Bro. I’m in one of the most humid states. And it’s time, that’s needed.
Was just saying . from your thread it seemed rushed.
Last year my outsude crop was ready in September. It was 85-90 with same humidity or more. Brought inside and let hang dry then to paper bag to jars…inside typically at 50-60%.
Important thing… You saved your buds!!!
Rock on


Just try to keep them evenly dried. If they still have excess moisture and still need burped, i would leave them out for a lil while longer until dry to the touch. You dont want to play with any excess moisture, considering yours already had some spores on them.


Hope you don’t mind me adding my two cents worth… I am germinating some medical seeds that I found appealing because they are fairly low in THC and quite high in CBD, called Orinoco (OR-1) . The specs are: THC 10%… CBD Content 15%, CBD to THC ratio:1.5:1 Sex Feminised Flowering Time 9 Weeks, Yield High,
Medicinal Use:** Depression, ADHD, Anorexia, Epilepsy, Autism… I chose this strain because frankly I’m looking for a smoke that partake in many times a day. At 57, its been a long time since I partook and the smoke is so much stronger nowadays, so much so that I smoke half a jay and I’m done for half a day. I’d like to find more strains of this nature, so if you run across any, please let me know. Thanks


Thank y’all for the help! Next grow I won’t rush lol learned my lesson. Oh! @Dr.DankThumb420 I did the bud washing in baking soda and lemon juice the next day it had more powered mold on it… but I then tried hydrogen peroxide and water and let me tell ya it works alot better than lemon juice and baking soda. I have the buds drying in grow tent it’s keeping low humidity and when I checked them last night no mold what so ever. They been drying for 2 days now. I just let them soak for 15 minutes in hydrogen peroxide and water and takes every bit of it off. And @Tommyboy123 I saved them once again lol I’m just waiting for outside buds to dry good and then put them in jars. The 2nd plant turned out good though… I let them dry longer upside down than the first plant. Thank y’all for the support!


Awesome bro!!!
That wash don’t mess with thc?
Guess not if ya used it. But seems a bit crazy! But good to know.
Lol my first outside grow… I rushed think most do. But good thread to follow for people


@Tommyboy123 THC is oil soluble not water soluble. With bud washing from what I know that it doesn’t take any his or trichomes off and it also strengthens the terpenes (if I spelled that correctly lol) it’s good to bud wash takes off any contaminates it’s like washing fruit or veggies you get at grocery store.


Kind of figured cause it us an oil, hope I never have to do it. As it seems a bit off to me.
Still have 2 months of flowering till I’m ready for 1st indoor harvest, this is good info. As like you in humid area.my outside grows had to pick strains that can deal with 80-90% humidity. Most my outside issues was spider mites and such.
Have a few acres so was not a “gorilla” grow but still stressful. Why I went inside
Tho cold now lol. Feel many deal with this in first few grows. Being “winter” here humidity is low as we running heat last week at night.
My summer grow will more likely run ac into tent. Humidity is most times 65% durning summer inside with ac running. Don’t want the stress of such things!!
So… How’s the smoke?


Okay so powerdy mildew came back ive decided to get Banish. I have never used banish before. Do i have to spray infected buds and wait for it to dry or what? @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Dr.DankThumb420