Harvest is here!


Thank you @Dr.DankThumb420


@Dr.DankThumb420 I’m sure you will be able to give me a good opinion… the next seeds I wanna get I want it to have medicinal benefits. I got scoliosis really bad and hip has a dent in it from horse kicking me few years back. What strain will help me with these pain? Basically a strain that will help with multiple scoliosis and pain reliever?


Hello good day to you. Upon a quick google search, it appears that Dr Grinspoon, Jamaican Lion, Green Crack, Blue Dream, and Harlequin are best for scoliosis. I would also recommend Gorilla Glue #4, Afghan Kush or any Afghani strain, Pure Indica, Crystal, Chronic Widow, Sky Walker Og and many other pure indica or indica dominate strains, these strains are great for pain. @GreenThumb101


Thank you @Dr.DankThumb420 so I was looking at my buds today and I was wondering if this is mold starting to grow on it. If so how can I get them off or do I have to toss them?

it doesn’t smesmell like ammonia at all


I cant tell 100% but it does look like it. Is it fuzzy ? @GreenThumb101


Looks like it here’s another pic.

if it is mold can baking soda with water mixed and sprayed on bud help?


I dont know at this point. I think ive heard someone say they washed buds after they were already dried for mold. But i have never done it myself. I would cut out all the bad pieces and throw them away. Go threw it all and make sure theres no moldy spots on anything. Change the container you stored them in, it is contaminated. They are too moist, let them dry out side the jar for awhile


I’ve read online something about baking soda will it hurt if I do That? And I’m going to do that right now @Dr.DankThumb420


Do I get every bit of mold off? Or if there’s tiny tiny spots of I left them on there will it grow back @Dr.DankThumb420


@garrigan65 can you assist? I wouldnt do anything drastic yet. I would just cut it all out. And throw it out.


@Dr.DankThumb420 there’s a good bit but on outside of bud



Sure can my friend. I was looking at the pic’s of his buds and I really don’t see any mold.
If he his any at all.
any amber in those buds and if so how much. They sure look like they are very close to me to harvest


@garrigan65 these are already harvested buds today will be day 6 in jars. I see on outside of bud white powder substance on majority of buds they look like mold but I don’t know how to get rid of it…


Ok got ya my friend do what this guy is doing ok

here is another one I had to


So how long do I let dry after this? And if I don’t have lemon juice will dish soap with baking soda will work? @garrigan65


Look at the pics on Post # 144 and 146.


How do I do That? @Dr.DankThumb420


They stayed too moist buddy. They needed to be burped more or dried more thoroughly before placing in jar to cure


Follow instructions on the video that @garrigan65 posted


Okay. I don’t have lemon juice will dish soap and baking soda hurt buds? @Dr.DankThumb420 @garrigan65