Harvest is here!


3 months should be a good bake.


That looks very tasty. Good job, and if the triches are all milky even better, they still degrade over time so effect will change after awhile.


Majority of it is orange hairs and okay I’m gonna start composting very soon then! @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420 and @sparky66 I had just checked the humidity in my room and it’s about 67 percent humidity. If it’s that high how long would I have to leave lids open for buds in jars everytime I burn them? Oh and @Dr.DankThumb420 milky trichomes is the couchlock effect? I’m also kinda irritated that my yield wasn’t good… I was aiming for 16 or 17 ounces per plant… I don’t know what I did wrong besides not enough pruning…


Couchlock is amber. Not milky. Milky us euphoric and head high.

67 is high, try to get it down to 50 or so.

Leave the lids on the jar open for 10-20 minutes.

Just try to do my lst training to get more tops and equal coverage…what are u using for lighting? @GreenThumb101


I hope some trichs are amber colored to I had checked like 3 buds not whole plant with loupe and I’m using 600 watt mps and 600 hps. But with the first part of grow i used 400 watts mps til I had to use mps bulb and I used 600 watts of mps. And if jar lid is covered does it matter about humidity? Or basically does it just gotta be 50 percent humidity when I burn them? @Dr.DankThumb420 but when it rains humidity in house is higher. Right now humidity level is at 53 percent. Also if I have a 4x4 grow tent running 600 watts can I be able to put 4 plants in there safely And have amazing yields from 4 plants?


Auto california kush maybe more 2 weeks


I don’t do bubble hash sorry. If you already chopped is what it is, you’ll probably enjoy it anyway. On next one wait til those pistils start receding, then start checking trichs. Weed will be top notch and you’ll get more weight. No big deal, we’re all trying to do the best with what we have. 4 plants in a 4x4 under fresh 600 watt hps should be money.


Okay. Next grow will be alot better I learned from my mistakes lol what did you mean when you said it should be money? @dbrn32


Money is good right? Lol.


Yeah lol so basically I can fit 4 plants and yield high without any worries? @dbrn32


You’ll have the potential to. I just meant that 600 was good light for 4x4, and a 4x4 was good for 4 plants.


Okay good lol I just gotta keep pruning so I won’t have that problem I had by other plant colliding into the other? @dbrn32 also the 4 plants should get plenty of light if I just have one 600 hps light right?


600 is plenty of light for 4x4. Doesn’t matter if it’s one plant or 36.


Have many who use Sohum in Denver, myself. It’s first time. But they say reuse and start a tea regimen.
Will help add back nutes and its inexpensive. Must make sure soil is clean( no bugs,gnats ect!!!).
My thoughts tho … If you are getting even 10 zips a plant have 2-3 plants running. Spending $150 isnt a big deal. But thats me. Grow went great with freash Sohum so why F it up?


I’m just gonna get new So hum soil. I have a question with curing in jars… When I first open jars to burp them I shake jar and some buds stick together when I feel buds they are kinda moist still but as of today it would be 5 days in curing. I have them all out of jar on aluminium foil the humidity inside is 64 percent. How long will I need to let them stay out of the jar before putting them back in jar? Is it a good way too dry outside buds on aluminium foil? @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420


Yeah i guess it wont hurt. Those look very tasty @GreenThumb101


Is 2 hours on aluminuim foil a good time to leave them out?? When I pinch buds majority bounces right back some just stay flat. I don’t know if this is normal at the 5 day period mark. Dr.DankThumb420 and I know I wanna start toking so bad. I’ve seen how high I get from just extracting thc into cannabutter now I wanna see how buds will effect me lol.


That’s probably longer than they should be out. You can pretty much just remove lid from jar for 10-15 minutes. Dumping them is ok. Just dump, place back in jar, and then put lid on 10-15 min later.


So after I 10-15 minutes of lid on jar do I repeat process or just leave them alone? I opened jars first time today an hour ago. Yesterday I opened them 3 times a day for about 20 minutes Each. @Dr.DankThumb420


@dbrn32 has you covered. Only leave them out at 10 to 15 minutes at a time.