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Dr.Dank has you covered.


If he would reply back to me LOL @dbrn32 oh I shouldn’t be worried about mold or meldew on buds cause the strain I have is meldew resistant. I’m just gonna cure them today I felt them last night they feel sticky. The bottom weak stem that popcorn bud is on doesn’t snap off but the bottom cola breaks off. I’ve heard it’s better to cure with little damp than over dry. But I do need opinions and help on reusing soil that’s the only thing I don’t know how too do…


Nothing is mold or mildew resistant. Some plants less likely to be affected because of bud structure is all. It’s a stem on the cola right, same difference. If they’re breaking you should be fine to jar.

More than one of us have told you that in this thread lol.

Lots of ways to go about that, none of them are wrong to my knowledge. If it were me, I would start a compost with it and use it on following grow.


I know I was just giving yall 2 a little hell lol I appreciate everything yall are doing! With yalls help my 2 babies are doing amazing! How will I be able too compost the soil? I’ve never composted before and don’t wanna fork out 50 bucks every time for so hum soil. The soil is still wet. @dbrn32 and yes the stem from cola


Lots of ways to do it. You can dump amendments in and let it cook, or you can start a compost naturally. Either way will take some time. Canna has a suggested recharging using their bottles, but I think that may only apply to coco.


What will I need to put in it to compost? I’m so confused sorry lol I’m a Newby when it comes to Composting… And how will I be able to do it naturally? I have lime if that will help but I don’t know how much to put in or if I need to use just lime to restore soil @dbrn32 and if I mix regular soil with the already used so hum soil will that work?


You’ll have to look around some. Here is a good place to start.


Thank you! Now say if I gave some of the used soil for a friend so he can grow if he doesn’t put anything in there will it have some of the nutrie.ts? I’m gonna compost the reusable soil. @dbrn32 better question if I bought organic already composted soil and mix it with so hum soil will that work?


Will cow manure mixed in with old soil work? Since cow manure has all nutrients and so forth? @dbrn32


You’re asking wrong guy, I buy new and toss old in compost bin to use in my garden. Mixing it with nutrient rich soil should work. But will be less nutritient charged.


So if I did that I’d have to tend to them and watch them more closely? @dbrn32


You’d probably have to start feeding them sooner.


My apologies. Yes u could reuse soil but once its drained of its nutrient charge, will be like a plain seed starter mix. You can do like @dbrn32 said, amend the soil or do a compost pile. I like to reuse my soil after it bakes outside for a month or 2. I put it all in a big bin, and will use some products for bug control, and another to break down the soil…Then i cut it with new fresh soil.


Stay away from a lot of cow manure. It’s ok to use a little of it as an ammendment along with other things. Some of the growers on here will tell you to stay away from cow manure.


Ahh okay @dbrn32 and @Dr.DankThumb420 it’s no problem! You don’t have to apologize lol but if it takes all that time and have to go through alot to reuse soil I’ll just get 1 bag of so hum soil and split it between 2 5 gallon buckets. I am gonna take y’alls advice about composting it though. Will 3 months baking soil to compost seem too long or does it matter? Also I can feel weight difference between first plant I trimmed, dried and curing now than the 2nd plant I trimmed today and the one I trimmed and hanging up to dry right now is the one with more weight! I’m happy lol and @skgrower I’ve never used cow manure before for fertilizer but I have used horse manure and it killed my plant. This was before this grow I wouldn’t even count it as a first grow lol but will alot of cow manure do the Same thing as when I used horse manure before?


The 2nd plant before I trimmed and hang dry. This one was the healthiest plant with big buds. I can tell it’s gonna be alot stronger than the other. Today for 2nd plant is 8 weeks in flowering thought it wouldn’t hurt to trim and dry today @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420 I can’t wait til it’s done!!


Hard to tell from that pic, but if you already chopped that plant may have been a little early.


I had check trichomes with loupe the trichomes weren’t clear or cloudy but milky. The trichomes looked like the stage before the amber color @dbrn32 also how do you make bubble hash using freezer method?And with curing process I know I gotta air out jar 2 or 3 times a day for 2 weeks now my question is how long do I have to have lid of jar off for? And since there’s a little bit of sugar leaves on buds will it be harsh smoke? Like this one for example.


If you dried until stems snap you should be good at about 15-20 minutes daily one time and that amount of sugar leafs won’t affect flavor and the longer you cure the smoother it will be


I agree with @dbrn32 , if you chopped that plant , it might be a tad early, its hard to tell but there looks to be white pistols still.