Harvest is here!


That’s not what I said, but it will help. You should really be drying in a controlled environment. If you can’t do that, then you should try to get as close to that as possible. If you can maintain 50ish% rh and 60-70 degrees f is pretty ideal, then you just try to keep in dark area. Seems you will be lower than that, so you’ll have to battle them drying to fast. I would watch those smaller stems and when they give a little cracking noise when bent and don’t try to return back to normal position, I would probably toss your buds in paper bag to slow drying process down a little.


Well will it be safer if I went ahead and moved them from where there at to inside house like in closet? Like can I move hanging buds without harming them? They have been hang drying in barn for 2 days now. Also if I move them to inside house will it start to have weed odor when there dry? Reason for asking is cause I kinda don’t want house smelling like weed lol @dbrn32


House will smell like weed for sure without carbon filter.


I was afraid of that lol the only filter I have is in tent for other plant. Will the odor overcome the smoke odor from smoking inside house outta bong? Like if I had smoked a bowl wise if you know what I mean @dbrn32


Probably. It’s difficult to keep smell of drying buds down even with a filter.


Ah okay. Well I’m moving them to a closet hopefully it won’t stink up whole bedroom just inside closet lol @dbrn32


Good luck!


Thank you! @dbrn32


Okay I’m in day 5 of drying I had moved them inside to dry. Bottom of cola I bent it and goes back to straight somewhat. I pinched a little bud and it doesn’t fluff back up. How many more days will I need to dry them for? @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420 I can post a pic of them if you like


Yes post a pic… and do the buds feel dry on the outer part? If they feel dry, somewhat brittle i would start jarring it up now so it can remoisturize itself naturally vs over drying and having to compensate. If you feel that they are not ready for jar, continue to slow dry them.


I agree better to be early than late. But if smaller stems still aren’t getting brittle you probably can still leave them hang.


They are still wet they stay flat when I pinched it. The stems on them bend back when I had bent it. @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420


They do feel moist still @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420 stems aren’t brittle yet I can tell they still have moisture in it


Another question…

what’s the best fastest way to dry these popcorn buds so I can smoke them? @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420


I let mine dry in window sill or on my dresser. Take all the extra leaf off and they will dry faster.

And i would let them dry a day or two longer before jarring. They look tasty, enjoy!


The ones hanging up to dry give it 1 or 2 more days? And is bud supposed to be moist when you put them in jars? Also with the popcorn buds if I put them in Ziploc bag and have bag opened in window sill can that work too? @Dr.DankThumb420


Yeah that will work too. Just make sure its open with some air in it.

And make sure they are dry too touch on outside before jarring, they will still be moist on the insides, so they will equalize when a day or 2. Dont jar up moist buds.


Okay. I had ended up putting it on cardboard in window sill now. The outside of bud seemed moist still how do I know when they are dry enough to put in jars? The outside bud feels damp when I pinched small bud with bare finger no gloves. Kinda feels like how damp a paper towel you get after ringing it out 2 or 3 times. I had bent bottom cola kinda strong to where it cracked but it bent back to normal a little bit. @Dr.DankThumb420 also how long usually does it take for the popcorn nugs to dry in window sill? Oh! I had baked some edibles and I’m telling ya that it was the strongest I’ve ever had!


They usually take 2 days or so, depending on density. And the you’ll know the buds are dry enough to jar by how they feel, there shouldnt be any wet feel when you touch them. Sticky yes, but no moisture.

Glad to hear the edibles were nice. @GreenThumb101


Are the buds supposed to stay flattened when I pinch It? Can I be able to feel if it’s wet or dry by rubbing a finger along outside of bud? Also you might be able to help me out on this question… I’m planning to reuse the so hum soil now how do you restore the nutrients and ph balance for It? @Dr.DankThumb420