Harvest is here!


@Baby888 thank you! Also seedling to early Vegi stage I used 400 watt MPS (should of used my 600 watt MPS) and 600 watt HPS for the rest of the stages. I’m also using Sohum soil with my two plants. Just to put this out there the Sohum soil you don’t need to put nutrients in it cause there’s already in it, holds water damn good, it’s organic and it’s also pest and mildew repellant. If you ever decide to get MPS/HPS I’d recommend getting 600 watt works really good and surprisgly don’t run up electricity bill that much. But downfall is that it will put out a good bit of heat.


@Dr.DankThumb420 also I looked at calender and the 28th will be 8 weeks of flower. Exactly 7 weeks is early right?


4 minutes one time is more than likely fine.


Okay thank you! Also I had to harvest 1 plant early about 7 weeks and the strain is hybrid sativa dominate. Long story short I moved bucket and weaker colas fell over. Healthy plant was supporting weaker plant colas cause I was to late putting sticks down and tying string or soft ties… I wet trimmed them and they are hanging to dry. These are the pictures I got

do these look mature buds or at least gonna be good smoke I’m planning on using it for personal. @dbrn32


They look like they had at least a few weeks to go.


So basically it’s not gonna be a good smoke? I had check trichomes and they were cloudy. I had no choice to cut it sadly… @dbrn32


Little bit of amber color too


It won’t be at full potential, and you lost some weight. From pics you posted some of the pistils just started to turn. Usually leads to racy high.


I was afraid of that… I’m glad my other one is doing fine I’m leaving that one in grow tent for 2 more weeks. Do you think it will be better high than mids? And what do you mean racy high? @dbrn32


Like heart pumping paranoia type of buzz.


Ah okay. So I’m guessing it would have a good bit of percentage thc? Will it also act like daytime cannabis or night time? Sorry this is my first time actually growing ever lol @dbrn32


Could go a lot of ways. You’ll have to try it and see.


Does it all depend how long I cure for? And how long do you usually hang dry colas for? I’m ify on either a week or 10-12 days wanted to know from an experience grower @dbrn32


Sure that stuff all matters. Drying time depends mostly on your environment. I jar when my smaller stems crack when bent. A good cure will usually help a lot.


Okay. Well where I’m at its about 34ish degrees at night highs is like 54 degrees there is wind that comes in barn where there at is that kinda good drying in those temps? The plants are pest and mildew resistant if that helps @dbrn32


Too windy will probably dry out too fast, and temps seem a little lower than ideal.

There’s a couple of threads here that should have all the info you’re looking for, but I’m not sure which one has the best/most info. @garrigan65 any ideas?


Have you heard of people drying in there grow tents with there other plants still growing in it with the normal 12/12 light schedule? That came to to my mind but I don’t know if it will work the same. Before I forget the barn where it’s drying at is insulated around. So basically if it’s cold outside it’s a little warmer inside barn. Outside temps haven’t reached below 34 degrees yet lol @dbrn32 also if a sheet is around buds so wind don’t blow on it will that be Okay? The wind comes in from the holes below roof top. Hard to explain but the wind it’s self doesn’t hit the drying buds it just circulates the inside. Basically where the tin roof and side wall meet there’s openings so barn font sweat if you know what I mean.


I will post pic of what I’m talking about @dbrn32


I don’t think I’ve seen anyone dry in tent while still growing in it, sorry. If you have a way of controlling temp and humidity in drying area that would obviously be better.


Okay. So if wind doesn’t actually hit the buds like just a little breeze the buds should be fine? @dbrn32