Harvest is here!


When would I have to do 48 hour darkness? Mine are sativa dominate and I want them to be really strong. @Dr.DankThumb420


Dry them till their dry. Then you can bake them in a jar, or a sealed pan with foil to seal it in. You dont want to let the good flavor and aroma to escape while decarbing in oven.

Now the darkness is not necessary, but its done at the end of the grow. When the trichomes are at appropriate age. I like mine to be 50/50 amber to milky before throwing in 48 hours darkness. I like couchlock but thats just my preference.


Cook in sealed jar. Then let cool over night. I like to let everything absorb back into the herb so it transfers to butter and is not lost in the process of the decarb


Just by the pictures I showed you how long will I have till i do 48 hour darkness? Also to know when there dry will the leaves dry out and lose the green color? Does it also matter if I dry them in tray in dark or in light? @Dr.DankThumb420


Same process as I would when I decarb buds right? @Dr.DankThumb420


I trimmed some leaves just to fill up a medium size zip loc bag. Was it okay if I trimmed more than that? @Dr.DankThumb420


Beautiful plants looks like a little wind burn on right side of tent other wise very nice job I’m jealous a little


Thank you @Kwazzy the one fan I have is on the backside of tent. Can’t wait til harvest time! Also I had totally forgot when they were in Vegi stage that the tent itself can unzip around. If I hadn’t of forgotten about that the sides would be pruned.


Sorry for taking so long to reply, lil bros 13th birthday yesterday lol.

Looks good, try to take a lil bit every other day until shes at the point you want her to be. But dont strip her all at once, or take anything above the canopy yet. You still have atleast 4-6 weeks, looks like alot of white hairs still. They are still gonna put on alot of weight so be patient.

The leaves will be dry to the touch and want to crumble, dont crumble them. Decarb like you would flower. I use both flower and trim and decarb at the same time.


It’s no problem lol you mean 4 to 6 more weeks til I can harvest? I’ve been taking off the lower smaller and larger fan leaves. I thought it takes 3 months from seed to harvest lol since there only gonna get more weight I gotta start to get something to hold up the colas? There’s a good bit of orange hairs forming but I can’t get good enough picture to post there are a good bit of white ones though. Will the white hairs turn orange quickly or slowly? @Dr.DankThumb420


Yes from what i can tell it looks like alot of white hairs are still forming, just a guess without seeing trichomes. Always check trichomes once the plant has at least 90% orange burnt hairs.

Depending on strain, sativa or indica, it can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to flower completely from change of light to 12-12.
It would be wise to support them, they will be heavy once the swell kicks in last week or 2.

If conditions are all prime they will turn orange on their own time. If they are stressing they will turn orange quickly from my experience. From what i can see you have more white hairs then orange, correct?



Very nice looking as long as they r dense and not fluffy in which they dont look fluffy maybe if I get home early tom from work I’ll get some pics of my girls so beautiful Bruce banner so huge 5 foot plus 7 others 2 auto w huge buds in both autos such a proud daddy


There more white hairs than orange. It’s a hybrid sativa dominate. I will be on week 8 in 9 days. Also there’s no app that can be used as microscope is There? So basically safe to say 4 more weeks minimum Correct? Also will the popcorn buds form bigger too? @Dr.DankThumb420. @Kwazzy post some up tomorrow.


Yes they will get bigger, but dont expect too much from popcorn. Try to get them exposed to more light. So just in the 7 weeks range. Yes definitely 4 weeks minimum.

And i think there might be some but dont expect too much from an app lol @GreenThumb101


Okay. So after I harvest and dry don’t I cure them for 2 weeks or get away with 1 week? @Dr.DankThumb420 hopefully out of the 2 plants I get more than a pound and a half lol also if I prune little bits at a time will I be able to increase yield at this point?


Yes. But you need to burp the 1st and 2nd week 2 times a day by opening jars and taking out for 5 to 10 minutes. By 3rd week, opening once daily should do it if they are at ideal rh. So cure is the best cure. I would cure 4 for weeks minimum before indulging too much of it, the longer the cure the better.
And yes anything blocked by light or under canopy is not gonna yield high, this is why its important to lst early on thru veg and flower. @GreenThumb101


Curing is gonna help potency, smell and no harsh smoke Correct? I got a good bit of fan leaves to get rid of little by little lol can you tell how much weight I probably have through pics I posted? @Dr.DankThumb420


Yes curing will do that. Looks like u got around 4 ounces. Try not to take the fan leafs that are not hurting anything , they are used to make energy, if u strip too many youll be sorry lol. @GreenThumb101


Okay. Well the weaker plant that the colas were skinny I had to harvest… i had no choice… I had moved bucket a little bit and the weaker plant colas fell over dangling basically healthier plant was supporting weaker colas on plant… I inspected the buds and there were alot more orange hairs and trichomes were cloudy/amber looking. The healthier plant with stronger colas is in tent still growing. Trimming took forever… now I know next grow to have sticks holding colas up lol. I got most of sugar leaves off but you can tell in the crease of buds there’s parts of it. Hoping it won’t effect the smoke. Trimmed buds smell pungent and earthy. I’m also hoping I didn’t hurt the healthier plant cause I had to take it out of tent for 4 minutes exact. I’m guessing any first time growers done the Same thing I have? @Dr.DankThumb420 @dbrn32


That’s a nice yield. man. which light you used? HPS or LED?
I was using Mars pro 120 and i think it is a good light for newbie like me.