Harvest is here!


You have to upload the video to youtube 1st then link it on the forum. And ive never heard of trimming under the canopy during flower makes it go to veg. If anything if you trim to much at once she will stress and make a few seeds or nanners, just depends, but wont go back to veg unless u flip lights back to 18/6.

Yes im referring to underr the canopy, anything thats blocked from getting light. This is why its important to incorporate some lst into your growing style so you get all tops and no under canopy larf, everything will be equal and receive equal light. But you were saying a few post up if you could harvest now, i ment in the sense of you need to smoke now lol. If you can wait it out, i would. Dont take anything just yet, id like to see your whole plant 1st before i tell you to chop anything. Sometimes i leave the larf for my cannacoconut oil, sometimes i trim them before im even in flower, some times i trim them and smoke them if i really dont have nothing. But i mostly never have larf, cuz i do alot of lst to keep things equal but they can get out of hand and some larf here n there.

Is this an auto or regular/fem plant?

And trichomes have to be checked to be accurate with a loupe or microscope. Although when they are really frosty i can see the amber with my bare eyes up close. @GreenThumb101 but always check with loupe or microscope.


Okay. I will have pics up around 6pm. They are also femonized seeds not autoflower @Dr.DankThumb420


Sounds good.
Just tag me when u get around to it, im always checking back in on the forum. @GreenThumb101


Will Do! Again thank you for the help! @Dr.DankThumb420


Here’s a couple pics. @Dr.DankThumb420 I do have some popcorn buds and a little bit of orange hairs the one I’m holding is one that doesn’t get really enough light. I didn’t prune enough sadly…

Uploading: image-2018-11-17-19-43-07.jpg…


They look good. Try to bend some of those outer colas out if they arent to stiff with some string or something to open the middle up to light. Or prune some of the bigger leafs to open up the middle . @GreenThumb101


Pruning the leaves won’t hurt it right? Also do you think it needs 11 more days or longer? @Dr.DankThumb420 the fan leaves near bottom of stem can those be pruned as well and will it hurt plant if I prune the fan leaves that are in the way?


By middle you mean where the middle of stalk branches that branch out to individual colas? And just fan leaves correct?


The middle as in the center of plant. Any fan leaf thats making shade in the middle can go. It wont hurt plant if you only take a few off gradually. Can start at the bottom and the middle of plant imo that usually need some trimming. Can you get me a better overall pic of plant? @GreenThumb101


Anything that makes shade but isnt directly connected to buds, those are sugar leafs dont trim those. The fan leafs have stems connected to stalks. Those need trim if making shade


Yes 11 days or more for sure


Now when I trim fan leaves can I do anything with them like extract it? And by gradually do you mean a few 1 day then the next day take a little bit more off?

This over view one was takin on 17th of October it still looks like this. Also with the one I’m holding that one hasn’t got much light can that one be picked off to test? Or in fact some of the popcorn buds can be taken off? @Dr.DankThumb420 and sorry about the questions LOL I feel like I’m bombarding you with all these questions lol


Oh no problem at all keep em coming lol. But Not really any thc to extract unless they are frosty. But ive heard of others making tea with the sticks an fan leafs. Worth a shot. And the bud in question looks pretty young, i suppose you could take it as a sample, but the trichomes are most likely clear which wont really do much for you. But it can be sampled, so can the other pop corn ones that are hiding below canopy/inside canopy. But dont get to trim happy. If you can try to get a over view pic like that again and a pic of her under carriage, id like to evaluate how much popcorn your working with. @GreenThumb101


So the frosty ones are the ones to actually use in bubble hash, edibles,cbd etc. Correct? I was also wondering if the popcorn buds when there done are they going to be around the same as the bigger buds if they are frosty? I will post more pics today. I got a few popcorn buds but the few I saw were frosty. @Dr.DankThumb420


Use the frosty ones. You could also throw the regular healthy fan leafs into the mix for more of a full plant extract but its not necessary
Same as quality wise?
Yes they should be the same if you harvest the plant when all trichomes are milky and some amber, with little to no clear. Sometimes lower buds dont mature as fast as the tops do, so very important to chech triches on all buds, lowers and tops, larf, it dont matter, just to avoid having any dilemmas after havest with weak product.


Okay. Now how would I be able to dry the fan leaves I trim off to extract it? Or does it even matter if I dry them or not to extract them from butter? @Dr.DankThumb420


I have heard of people doing 48 hours of darkness and was wondering why they did that @Dr.DankThumb420


Yes just dry them in a tray or a flat pan of some sorts. Then your gonna need to decarb it in an oven at 230 for 45 minutes,In a jar or something that can contain the smell and steam thats gonnna happen from decarb, those are your terps, you dont want those to escape. So cool it over night to let the flavors absorb back in then its ready to use for budder/coco. @GreenThumb101


Does it have to be in darkness and how long do I let them dry open tray for before I put it in oven? And also after I put them in oven for 45 minutes I put them in a jar? @Dr.DankThumb420


People and myself do a 48 hours darkness to speed up the ripening of the trichomes. They ripen quickly, if there at all milky n some clear, theyll be a good amount of amber after 48 hours darkness, but if their 50/50 amber milky with no clear, youll end up with a strong sedative effect from mostly amber triches… unless your a heavy toker this would be for bedtime purposes lol. @GreenThumb101