Harvest is get'in closer by the day! (I hope!)

Well…the girls are 14 weeks old from seed and 32 days into flower! Things seem to be “OK” for the moment other than the 3 bad stems and needed flush. Slow but sure…don’t wanna drown the bitch’s!!! Here’s some pics, would love to hear ur comment’s!!! Gilly


They looking really good just keep them on cruise control !

Yup…I agree with @yoshi they are lopkn awsome.

B Safe

We need your full address so we can come by and sample when it’s done to give our full review. :wink:

Looking great, man!

Thanks all!!! I try my best!!!

I would change that light schedule from 12/12 to 11/13 for a week and than 10/14 and let them buds get super crystally with resin !!!

So…11 on and 13 off for 1 week and then 10 on and 14 off for a week correct??? Then what after that??? From what I can see now they are covered in Trichomes!!!


PS / Those 3 stems r look’in pretty bad!!! Should I cut’em outta there??? Here’s some pics of’em!

They look nice, depending on strain could be done in 35-45 days

AK-47 Fem.

Yea about 45 more days

Someone help me through this light change Yoshi is talk’in about? Do I have it right or wrong? What do I do after that 2nd light change? I’m lost here guys!

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Its like waiting for xmas it sucks …But when it does get here hooyeah…plants looking nice…Hammer

@Gilly once you get to 10/14 you can let the plant finish on that light schedule , but by extending the dark period the plant produces more resin trichomes . This method also forces the plant to go in a last ditch effort to produce more resin to reproduce and can also help the plant finish sooner by a couple of weeks , due to strong intense light decreases your plant resin trichomes and during the dark period the plant replaces and produce more resin trichomes to catch pollen from a male plant in order to produce seeds , but it’s information on the interweb that you can google that would explain it in more detail about the longer dark period and what benefits you can get from extending the dark period . Now have you heard about putting your plant in 72 hours off darkness at the very beginning of flower and at the very end of flowering before harvest ? I’ll try to find the thread here on the forum where a guy who studied agriculture in growing plants and vegetables where he explained the experiment on using longer dark periods in the last 4 weeks of flowering and the results of how the plant responded . If not try googling or looking on YouTube about using longer dark schedules in flower and see what you can find on the method . It’s several growers here that had great results from long dark periods that can confirm it works …Happy growing and your plant is looking real good besides the yellowing on the one stalk .

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I’d recommend you keep it at 12 / 12.

I don’t agree with @Yoshi, who I hope is feeling better ? about shortening a light cycle like that

light is energy, and plants need all they can get, particularly when they’re trying to put out flowers and reisins and roots and everything in between in every growth phase.

And I don’t know why you keep asking about cutting those three buds off but if it makes you feel better cut them off and dry yourself out some smoke to sample
-good luck

@Paranorman I wouldn’t mention changing the light schedule if I wasn’t sure it works , but we all have our different methods , and when I used the longer dark period it made a big difference in resin productions .

I understand how you feel @yoshi and I disagree. I’m glad you’re feeling better, isn’t the Bora Bora trip soon? Send us pix !

Many times over my years of Hydroponics I had to hurry a harvest up, I would cut it down by an hour or two, much like you suggest, and everytime without exception I would come out with less weight

Whether it puts miniscule amount more THC in the bud or not, I doubt it but I don’t know. I do know it yields less weight

Yes I’m getting better daily but it’s still rough some days , and yes 43 more days to vacation , Labor Day weekend which is my birthday this year , and I’ll have 2 cameras , my iPad , and phone so it will be lots and lots of pictures , and I’ll even take several underwater with my phone since it supposedly to be water resistance . I have the Samsung S6 active and my wife has the new S7 active so I’m curious to see how that will work , but yes I’m getting excited . This weekend I’m going on a short trip to see the Harlem Globe Trooters with the grandson and ride some roller coasters at Silver Dollar City Branson and check out a few Branson Shows and eat some Alaskan King crabs and raw oysters at Joe’s Crab Shack !!!

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That sounds awesome! I hope and I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful time for all of you!

I’m curious, are you cleared to fly yet after the surgery? Seems kinda soon, or maybe Branson is a drive for you ?

No not yet , my follow up is August 10 which I believe I’ll be cleared . Since my surgery I have not needed the Cpap machine to breath in my sleep from the sleep Apnea and my wife said I don’t snore heavy no more which is awesome , I feel better after sleeping , don’t have to drink red bull to tie my shoes anymore , praises ! But that why I did the surgery , my last flight back home to New Orleans to visit my kids and family , when they depreesurized the airplane before take off , I had a very bad panic attack , anxiety real bad and I couldn’t understand what was happening , but with all the crazy in the world I sat there and didn’t draw any attention , but I told my wife I felt like I couldn’t breath , and soon as the plane started moving from the tormat I past out and when I woke up we where in the air but I couldn’t remember anything for about an hour , which really was a big scare to me , so I made an appointment with my primary care Dr and she highly recommended I do the nasal plasty surgery cause my condition and symptoms was getting worst . Man it’s been really rough trying to learn how to swallow , hell Im eating freeze pops right now trying to numb my throat ah little so I can get some rest . This is my second week back to work which I went back ah week early cause I would of been a week short in salary before vacation and I could not allow being financially short going on a dream vacation , I paid $54 for them damn swim trunks and I plan on wearing them right !!!

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Is this a social thread or a grow topic. I am happy either way. I love the great grow piks, and then the topic seemed to change.

I am very interested in knowing when our members are going though medical issues.

lw :slight_smile:

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