Harvest input? Is it ready?

Oh one more thing. Make sure your looking at all bud sites as well. Top, middle and bottom

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Yea thanks for that input, I definitely gotta look closer at all the other buds. I have a bit but generally focused on the main cola.

That picture you shared is just what I need. I have never seen that. Already downloaded and saved it. Great reference material, appreciate that a ton.

Appreciate the kind words on the plants. They got dicey when I first transplanted them but other than that I’ve been really lucky.

I honestly only have enough room for 2 plants in that tent but I’ve managed so far to jam 3 in there. I was accounting for a plant to die and luckily that never happened but definitely concerned a bit with how the lower buds are maturing because of that.

Thanks again

Here’s my other plant. I’m not really sure what is going on with this one. I thought it was further off from being ready, but the one leaf has changed color drastically over the last day and I’m not sure what it could be other than perhaps I underwatered it a bit, or I’m way off and it also might be ready for harvest.

Ignore the lazy job with the net lol. All the sudden the thing got too heavy and I didn’t know what to do. I just half asked it. It’s too tall for my support I bought for it, I suppose I can look for what you grow tomatoes on if needed. But gardening stuff has been a pain to find in covid if you’re not on top of it at the beginning of the season.

Here’s how I have them all jammed in my tent way too close lol. Hey it made it this far

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She looks great man. Your fan leaves will naturally start to fade as the plant gets closer to end of life. A fella once told me regarding to trichomes, “Looks for least amount of clear trichomes” I know most people will always say look for this % amber this %cloudy. For some reason the way he worded always kinda just stuck with me, lol. Here is what my trichs looked like on a couple I harvested last week

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Thanks man your posts have been super helpful. Those pics of your recent harvest are a great guide for me also. Yea the % part with the trichomes gets a little confusing to me, but I like your advice. It makes sense to me.

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