Harvest input? Is it ready?

So I’m really surprised by how quickly these trichomes turned amber. It happened quick. Was just curious if any of you could offer opinions as to if it’s ready? Maybe another week?(upload://A7XzztB7DzrXND2XlgRIHNwcZDt.jpeg)

Couple more weeks at least. You’ll need some better pics close up on the bud. Really close up.


Good to know on a couple more weeks that’s what I was thinking at the beginning of last week but the color on that plant really has developed quickly. And it’s my first grow so I’m not sure how rapid to expect that process to finish.

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I would have to 2nd that opinion

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Fantastic looking bud by the way!

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Thanks I appreciate it. Between this place and random other articles on the internet there’s a lot of good resources. Plus I just tried to keep it simple and get to harvest with my first grow.

In the next one I’ll be more ambitious in maximizing yield and things like that

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Your doing great buddy, this is the toughest time as a new grower. I know you taste it now and prob drooling a little everytime you go in there. Keep that eye close to the girls.
See all those clear mushroom looking storage centers? That’s whatcha watching. Clear to milky to amber.
You choose what you want to smoke. I like 50/50ish milky/amber


Hey would appreciate more of your opinion whenever you have a chance.

Anyone else’s too. It’s been about a week longer here are the plants now that are closer.

And here’s plant two. In a cruel twist of fate I had to quit smoking hopefully just temporarily for health reasons. I’ll still continue to grow I think if I can’t anyways. It’s more enjoyable than I expected. So I have no problem waiting if that’s what people still think is the right thing to do.

Starting to milk up, still alot of clear heads.

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Hey bud sorry to bother you again… everyone else’s input I appreciate as well.

I’m really struggling with this. I got to this point by myself just going off grow guides and random posts here, other sources. I had one hiccup.

However, it’s really like being a virgin lol. I like what I’m looking at, but I don’t really know what I’m looking at lol. The anatomy of plants, it’s just something I’m not good with.

I’m also the first in my social group I know to grow successfully also so I don’t really have anyone to call up and ask to look at it for advice…

So this is the plant that’s closest. Once I get a feel for the first time, I think I’ll be good from here on.

Again no problem waiting and sorry to be such a pest bud,

I poked my eye and broke my pinky toe today,lmao. So contact hada come out. Having tough time typing too.
But I’m not seeing and amber in there yet. Keep watching close, your almost there. Then the real true wait starts.

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Shit tough day, hope tomorrow goes better or some of that green can help…

So when we looking for amber, the parts that are still milky white… those are actually gonna turn amber? Not the other hairs I got going that are kind of amber?

I think that’s where my confusion been coming in but I think you may have made it click for me a bit.


When most of the hairs/pistols turn brown and recede into the calyx’s then start looking at the trichomes. Best to look at them under natural light. The tiny bulbs on the ends will start to turn cloudy then start to turn amber. At that point it’s up to you on what kind of high you want. Alway check the trichomes on the buds not on the sugar leaves
You’re close but not there yet IMO.
Nice looking buds

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Thank man! Yea I think I’m finally getting what I’m looking for. I’m further off than I thought I was a few weeks ago.

Appreciate all your guys help. Wish y’all were around here I’d break yall off some nugs when it’s ready to go.


Looks like it’s gonna be some good $hit

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Lost this thread like all the others.
Can’t wait for those update pics

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Still waiting not ready yet lol this is the another plant that is further away from harvest than the other two. Bulking up nicely got a lean going in the last couple days

Thanks for your guys help and interest.

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OK got a few pics I would like your input on. I think one is definitely ready, the other borderline, closer than I thought it would be when I looked at it closer.

Here’s a few of plant 1.

And here’s plant 2.

Thanks again to anyone who responds

Beautiful plants man!! Especially for your first grow!! Look better than my first time!! I used this chart as a reference for comparison.

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