Harvest info for a newbie

Welcome to ILGM forum. I see that you joined a few moments ago. I believe that you have to spend some time on site reading. When you do like some post and your trust level will go up and you will be able to post in new topics. I’ll put pics on how to do it just in case you are not sure. First go to three grey and click. Then choose beginner. Then click on new topic.

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thank you for the response…it appears you are correct. shortly after
i asked the question the site thanked me for contributing and then allowed me
to post!


The Discourse engine reacts to a new user and increases number of posts you are allowed in the beginning after it sees you’ve done some things around the site like read posts and give ‘likes’. This will increase your ‘Trust Level’ and you will be able to post.

Welcome to the forum and if you have any questions be sure to ask.


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